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  The Meriam House at Meriam's Corner, Concord, Massachusetts - Minute Man National Historical Park Where the American Revolution Began April 19, 1775

Here is your information for this year's Meriam's Corner festivities to be held on Saturday, April 6, 2019 - DETAILS ABOUT TOURING HOUSE, LUNCHEON, ETC.

Great News! Master Genealogy Book Completed!

We are pleased to tell you that we believe we now have every name included from our 522-page master genealogy book, Merriam Genealogy in England and America, which was compiled by Charles Henry Pope in 1906 and re-printed by John Merriam Kingsbury of Bullbrier Press in 1986. Richard Merriam, who finished the input from the Pope book several weeks ago, continues to add new persons at a feverish pace as family worksheets arrive almost daily. This was a large undertaking covering many years of input and Merriam Family Tree is indebted to the following individuals who made this a reality:

Kit Cutting
Richard Merriam
Connie McCann-Wilkes
Jerry Boor
Steve Merriam


The Merriam family lives primarily in North America. The purpose of this website is to track all Merriam / Meriam descendants at least to their 1638 ancestry roots in Concord, Massachusetts. Look for your ancestors, places, photos, find interesting stories and check the "What's New?" section in the menu at left. Once you request and obtain a user ID, you can submit your own family branch information through the WORKSHEET tab while reviewing any of your ancestors.

You can download reports directly to your home computer, using the universally accepted (and free), pdf file format. Don't be afraid to experiment! You can't hurt our website by clicking on the wrong thing – just click away and see if you can figure out the powerful features of the database.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please click on the contact us icon and send us a message. We would love to hear from you!

Kit Cutting, Administrator - Genealogist (former Merriam Family Papers Website Administrator)

Jerry Boor, Web Technician

Stephen Francis Merriam, Media Editor

Richard D. Merriam, Genealogist - Data Entry

Feature Articles

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The easy way to share your family branch with us is to use our fill-in-the-blanks worksheet. PLEASE CLICK HERE


Check out to find descendants that might be missing from our site and please let us know if you find someone--

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Our Genealogy Book - Cheaper Price!

The 522-page book entitled Merriam Genealogy in England and America, compiled by Charles Henry Pope in 1906, is the basis for much of our Merriam genealogy. This book was reprinted by John Merriam Kingsbury of Bullbrier Press (click on icon above for more information).

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How To Submit Photos:

When you submit photos, we will assign them to a person’s record on the website and you can also browse through all photos in the media section.

We request photos in jpg (Jpeg) format that are no larger than 400kb in file size.  We can re-format and re-size if photos are larger or in a different format. You may submit up to two color and four grayscale (black and white) photographs per individual. Digitized photographs can be attached to e-mail and sent to us at Paper photographs are acceptable, but we ask that you do not send original photographs.  Please contact us for more information on mailing photos.

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To join the Merriam descendants' email group, set up by Jamie McKellar over 10 years ago, simply send an email to: You can then receive and post Merriam news and information - junk mail not allowed on this list!

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