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1001 Lake View Cemetery BEAUMONT, George Henry
1002 Lake View Cemetery BEAUMONT, Sabra Ann Merriam
1003 Felton Cemetery BEAVER, Manley David
1004 Waterloo Memorial Park Cemetery BECKER, Charles Dean
1005 Linwood Cemetery BECKER, John Roy
1006 Evergreen Cemetery BECKLEY, Margaret Euella
1007 Oak Grove Cemetery BECKWITH, Cora M ? (Wife of Howard)
1008 Oak Grove Cemetery BECKWITH, Howard M
1009 Summitview Cemetery BECKWITH, Doctor N W
1010 St. Johns Episcopal Church Cemetery BEDELL, Cora Helen
1011 Forest Lawn Cemetery BEDFORD, Ida Maud
1012 Missoula Cemetery BEEBE, Collin A
1013 Missoula Cemetery BEEBE, Hope
1014 Missoula Cemetery BEEBE, Marjorie Grace
1015 Old Auburn Cemetery BEECROFT, Harry Edward
1016 Jewell Cemetery BEEDE, Cynthia
1017 Arnill United Cemetery BEEMER, Edna ? (Wife Of William)
1018 Sheffield Cemetery BEEMER, Huldah
1019 Carlyle Cemetery BEEMER, Jennie ? (Wife Of Monroe Munson)
1020 Arnill United Cemetery BEEMER, Mary Clarisa
1021 Arnill United Cemetery BEEMER, William Nelson
1022 Arnill United Cemetery BEEMER, William Nelson
1023 Ontario was formerly known as Upper Canada, It existed from December 26, 1791 to February 10, 1841
BEEMER, William Nelson
1024 Granby Cemetery BEERS, Fannie
1025 Spring Forest Cemetery BEERS, Rosina Polly
1026 Spring Grove Cemetery BELDEN, Annie A
1027 Hinsdale Cemetery BELDEN, Charles Prentice
1028 Rose Hill Memorial Park BELDEN, Harold Andrews
1029 Spring Grove Cemetery BELDEN, Henry V
1030 Spring Grove Cemetery BELDEN, Walter S
1031 Worcester Rural Cemetery BELDON, Abby P
1032 St Francis of Assisi Cemetery BELISLE, Brian James
1033 St Francis of Assisi Cemetery BELISLE, Daniel G
1034 Eden Brook Memorial Gardens
BELL, Charlotte Moir
1035 Forest Hills Cemetery BELL, Ethel Anna
1036 Graceland Memorial Park and Mausoleum BELL, Helen Victoria
1037 of Chicago BELL, Helen Victoria
1038 North Royalton Cemetery BELL, Ruth
1039 Birth date calculated from age at death. BELLAMY, Esther
1040 Old Burying Ground BELLAMY, Esther
1041 Deer Park Cemetery BELLIMER, Arnold George Sr
1042 Mt Pleasant Cemetery BELLIMER, Cleo Robert
1043 VA Hospital BELLIMER, Cleo Robert
1044 Mt pleasant Cemetery BELLIMER, Gale Anna
1045 Mt Pleasant Cemetery BELLIMER, George Charles
1046 Quechee Cemetery BELLIMER, Robert Cleo
1047 Walpole Village Cemetery BELLOWS, Abigail
1048 Walpole Village Cemetery BELLOWS, Benjamin
1049 Forest Hill Cemetery BELLOWS, Theodore
1050 Springfield Cemetery BEMIS, Albert Hugh
1051 Forest Hills Cemetery and Crematory BEMIS, Annie Glitan
1052 Married to 2nd husband, Alden Bacon BEMIS, Edna J
1053 Mount Auburn Cemetery BEMIS, Emeline
1054 Mount Auburn Cemetery BEMIS, Emeline
1055 Mount Auburn Cemetery BEMIS, George
1056 Mount Auburn Cemetery BEMIS, John Wheeler
1057 Mount Auburn Cemetery BEMIS, Jonathan Wheeler
1058 Fort Hill Cemetery BEMIS, Lucy E
1059 Mount Auburn Cemetery BEMIS, Sarah Wheeler
1060 Mount Auburn Cemetery BEMIS, Seth
1061 Mount Auburn Cemetery BEMIS, Seth
1062 Possible wife BENDER, Dianne Annetta
1063 Barbourville Cemetery BENEDICT, Barbara
1064 Union Grove Cemetery BENEDICT, Nathan Spencer
1065 Broad Street Cemetery BENHAM, Jared Sr
1066 Broad Street Cemetery BENHAM, Jared Jr
1067 Duncan Falls Cemetery BENJAMIN, Etta Mae
1068 Died during the battle of Ball's Bluff, Leesburg, VA BENJAMIN, George F
1069 Named on daughter's marriage record BENNETT, Alice
1070 Living with her uncle, Arthur A Merriam, and his family. BENNETT, Elaine R
1071 Holy Sepulchre Cemetery BENNETT, Frances Adora
1072 St Helena Public Cemetery BENNETT, Jennie
1073 Mount Auburn Cemetery BENNETT, Sophronia M
1074 Los Gatos Memorial Park BENNETTS, Carrie Mildred
1075 Santa Barbara Cemetery BENNING, Henry M
1076 Santa Barbara Cemetery BENNING, Nelson William
1077 Glenwood Cemetery BENSHOOF, Myrtle Iva
1078 Howard Street Cemetery BENSON, Joseph Lyman
1079 Pine Hill Cemetery BENSON, Susan
1080 Sleepy Hollow Cemetery BENT, Annie A
1081 Dawn Marie BOLLINGER changed her surname to BENTLEY after her stepfather. BENTLEY, Dawn Marie
1082 Fairlawn Cemetery BENTLEY, Louisey
1083 Evergreen Cemetery BENTON, Franklin C
1084 Evergreen Cemetery BENTON, Henry F
1085 Evergreen Cemetery BENTON, Jesse Field
1086 Evergreen Cemetery BENTON, Paul Fowles
1087 Menheim Fairview Cemetery BENTZEL, Donald M
1088 Fairmount Cemetery BERGER, Elizabeth A ? (Wife of Merriam)
1089 Fairmount Cemetery BERGER, George Bart Sr
1090 Fairmount Cemetery BERGER, George Bart Jr
1091 Pope incorrectly recorded this person's name BERGER, Laura
1092 Fairmount Cemetery BERGER, Merriam B
1093 Hillside Cemetery BERINGER, Karl Thomas
1094 Hillside Cemetery BERINGER, Karl Thomas
1095 Rose Hill Cemetery BERLIN, Ernest Mario
1096 Oakdale Cemetery BERRY, Allen
1097 Graceland Cemetery BERRY, Elenora
1098 Broad Street Cemetery BERRY, Martha
1099 Broad Street Cemetery BERRY, Mary
1100 Durham Cemetery BERTEN, Henry Adolph
1101 Evergreen Cemetery BEST, Ellen Gertrude
1102 "Mr. Best was the first to reduce the local language in writing" BEST, Jacob
1103 Old Auburn Cemetery BETTERLEY, Bertha
1104 Bess Hampton Memorial Gardens BETTERLEY, Bertram Oscar
1105 El Carmelo Cemetery BETTERLEY, Carl A
1106 Old Auburn Cemetery BETTERLEY, Claude
1107 Lone Tree Cemetery BETTERLEY, Edwin Alonzo
1108 Old Auburn Cemetery BETTERLEY, George Selden
1109 Old Auburn Cemetery BETTERLEY, Marie M
1110 Myrtle Grove Memorial Cemetery BETTERLEY, Oscar Alonzo
1111 Lone Tree Cemetery BETTERLEY, William O
1112 Cedar Hill Cemetery BETTIS, Walter S
1113 Atlanta Cemetery BEVAN, Alice
1114 Atlanta Cemetery BEVAN, Richard Gill
1115 Atlanta Cemetery BEVAN, Samuel
1116 Atlanta Cemetery BEVERLY, Kate A
1117 Oakwood Cemetery BEX, Lena
1118 Evergreen Cemetery BIBBER, Joel
1119 His marriage record has his name as 'Joel', however, all other records show his name as Thomas Henry. His father was Joel so there may have been some confusion recording his marriage record. BIBBER, Joel
1120 West Cemetery BIBBER, Thomas H
1121 Garrison Cemetery BIDLACK, Laura
1122 high school of 70 pupils... BIDWELL, Emeline
1123 Sand Hill Cemetery BIDWELL, Emeline
1124 Old Center Cemetery BIDWELL, Theodosia
1125 Mount Vernon Cemetery BIGELOW, Annis
1126 Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery and Memorial BIGGS, Albert Fleming
1127 Lindenwood Cemetery BIGGS, Alice
1128 Old Hill Burying Ground BILLING, Mary
1129 Evergreen Cemetery BILLINGS, Charlotte C
1130 First name appears on son's birth record BILLINGS, Frank Everett
1131 New Cemetery BILLINGS, Frank Everett
1132 New Cemetery BILLINGS, Henry Sterling
1133 Mount Hope Cemetery BILLINGS, Olive
1134 Edgewood Cemetery BILLS, Arthur Almon
1135 Edgewood Cemetery BILLS, Charles H
1136 Edgewood Cemetery BILLS, Jennie Endora
1137 Riverside Cemetery BISCOE, Ellen Dodge
1138 Birth recorded in Grafton, MA BISCOE, George S
1139 Living with grandmother, Martha (Adams) Dodge BISCOE, Lucy W
1140 Riverside Cemetery BISCOE, Lucy W
1141 Greenbrier Cemetery BISHOP, Effa
1142 Maple Grove Cemetery BISHOP, Howard R
1143 Maple Grove Cemetery BISHOP, William Rhodes
1144 Evergreen Cemetery BISSELL, Simeon
1145 Death record shows birth date and place BITTERS, Lauretta W
1146 Evergreen Cemetery BITTERS, Lauretta W
1147 Mountain View Cemetery BITTLESTON, George
1148 Mountain View Cemetery BITTLESTON, Wilbur Wells
1149 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BITTORF, Ronald Andrew
1150 Pleasant View Cemetery BIXBY, Francis Merle
1151 Pleasant View Cemetery BIXBY, Frank L
1152 Woodlawn Cemetery BIXBY, Martha A
1153 Tyvan Cemetery BIXENMAN, Annie Margaret
1154 St Stanislaus Cemetery BIZON, Joseph George
1155 Evergreen Cemetery BLACK, John Arthur
1156 Graceland Cemetery BLACK, Opal S
1157 Locust Grove Cemetery BLACK, Sarah
1158 Achorn Cemetery BLACKMAN, Doris Louise
1159 Riverside Cemetery BLACKMAN, Earl Benjamin
1160 Riverside Cemetery BLACKMAN, George Edward
1161 Riverside Cemetery BLACKMAN, John Philip Sr
1162 Webster Rural Cemetery BLACKWELL, Herbert James
1163 Per Pope book, Susan Blackwell was a widow who had children who died in infancy. Assuming Blackwell is not her maiden name. BLACKWELL, Susan
1164 Webster Rural Cemetery BLACKWELL, Victor
1165 Laurel Hill Cemetery BLADES, Ida Frances
1166 Mount Vernon Cemetery BLAIR, Elwyn Bernard
1167 Quebec formerly known as Lower Canada from 1791 to 1841 BLAIR, Issac Stanton
1168 Do not add descendants as not a MERRIAM (SEE NOTE)

It is the belief of MFT that Peregrin BLAIR is the child of Isaac S and Harriet (PLATT) BLAIR based on their marriage date of 5 Sept 1834 and the birth date of Peregrin BLAIR of 1839. Therefore Peregrin is not the child of Esther MERRIAM as assumed by other genealogists, census records etc. 
BLAIR, Peregrin Stanton
1169 Sleepy Hollow Cemetery BLAISDELL, Annie Cora
1170 Forest Lawn Memorial Park BLAISDELL, Frank Gardner
1171 Sleepy Hollow Cemetery BLAISDELL, Henry A
1172 Sleepy Hollow Cemetery BLAISDELL, Hiram Wheeler
1173 Birth date calculated from age at death BLAISDELL, Howard C
1174 Binghamville Cemetery BLAISDELL, Lyndon Ralph
1175 Elmwood Cemetery BLAISDELL, Stella Louise
1176 Living with son. BLAISDELL, William A
1177 Sleepy Hollow Cemetery BLAISDELL, William A
1178 Sleepy Hollow Cemetery BLAISDELL, Willie B
1179 Merriam-Blake Cemetery BLAKE, Abigail
1180 Midland Cemetery BLAKE, Barnum
1181 Woodland Cemetery BLAKE, Bessie Maria
1182 Oakdale Cemetery, Plot 33 BLAKE, Camille M
1183 Melrose Cemetery BLAKE, Eleanor
1184 Westlawn Cemetery BLAKE, Ella Bye
1185 Melrose Cemetery BLAKE, Ellery Merriam
1186 Surry Village Cemetery BLAKE, Lewis Francis
1187 Woodland Cemetery BLAKE, Milton
1188 Rockdale Lutheran Church Cemetery BLAKE, Ormond
1189 Woodbrook Cemetery BLAKELEY, Emma F
1190 Sunset Memorial Gardens
BLAKESLEE, George Lewis
1191 West Street Cemetery BLANCHARD, Ann
1192 Maple Wood Cemetery BLANCHARD, Anna
1193 Oak Hill Cemetery BLANCHARD, Anna
1194 Oak Lawn Cemetery BLANCHARD, E J
1195 Oak Grove Cemetery BLANCHARD, Isabella Jane
1196 Riverside Cemetery BLANCHARD, Marie Bessie
1197 Oak Hill Cemetery BLANCHARD, Nathaniel
1198 Quabbin Park Cemetery BLANCHARD, Roxanna
1199 Hartland Village Cemetery BLANCHARD, Wilbur Abe
1200 Riverside Cemetery BLANCHARD, Wilbur Alonzo

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