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1201 Meeting House Hill Cemetery BLANCHARD, Wilfred Frank
1202 Riverside Cemetery BLANCHARD, Wilman Edward
1203 Head of the Tide Cemetery BLANDIN, Alice E
1204 Mount Auburn Cemetery BLEASIUS, Anna M
1205 Saint Patricks Cemetery BLEASIUS, Nicholas
1206 Mount Vernon Cemetery BLENIS, Bessie Linwood
1207 US Census report shows wife's marital status as widowed  BLENIS, Traverse
1208 Rural Grove Cemetery BLETHEN, Greenlief D
1209 South Kortright Cemetery BLISH, Aristarchus
1210 Lucust Hill Cemetery BLISH, Caroline D
1211 South Kortright Cemetery BLISH, Joshua
1212 Willow Grove Cemetery BLISH, Lorainia A
1213 Named on son's death record BLISS, Adelaide
1214 Oak Hill Cemetery BLISS, Adelaide
1215 Mount Auburn Cemetery BLISS, Henry Mather
1216 Oakridge Cemetery BLISS, Nellie
1217 Springfield Cemetery BLISS, Thomas
1218 New Cathedral Cemetery BLOCK, Charles
1219 Central Cemetery BLODGET, Amos
1220 Holy Cross Cemetery BLODGETT, Anna Theresa
1221 Ontario was formerly known as Upper Canada, It existed from December 26, 1791 to February 10, 1841
BLODGETT, Artemus John
1222 Served in World War II

Note by: Kit Cutting 
BLODGETT, Ednel Henry
1223 Merrill Cemetery BLODGETT, John H
1224 Centreton Cemetery BLODGETT, Justus
1225 Academy Hill Cemetery BLODGETT, Levi
1226 Levi served in the War of 1812, U.S. Army, for which he recieved a pension in later life.

Source: Alison Blodgett 
1227 Centreton Cemetery BLODGETT, Mildred S
1228 Pleasant View Cemetery BLODGETT, Persis S
1229 Center Cemetery BLODGETT, Stewart Arthur
1230 Centreton Cemetery BLODGETT, William Albert
1231 Merrill Cemetery BLODGETT, Willis Stanley
1232 Spring Grove Cemetery BLOE, Charlotte
1233 Bashaw Cemetery BLONKE, Walter
1234 Groton Cemetery BLOOD, Albert Francis
1235 Hillside Cemetery BLOOD, Alfred M
1236 Recorded in Townsend, MA BLOOD, Alfred M
1237 Woodlawn Cemetery BLOOD, Caroline C
1238 Groton Cemetery BLOOD, Emma Frances
1239 Groton Cemetery BLOOD, George Danforth
1240 Birth date calculated from age at death BLOOD, Homer A
1241 Hillside Cemetery BLOOD, Jana Frost
1242 groton Cemetery BLOOD, Lucy M
1243 Pleasant Street Cemetery BLOOD, Rachel M
1244 Ascutney Cemetery BLOOD, Ralph E
1245 Ascutney Cemetery BLOOD, Samuel Merriam
1246 Glenwood Cemetery BLOOM, Robert Burton
1247 South Trenton Cemetery BLUM, Alfred G
1248 St. Marys Cemetery BLUM, Carolyn Louise
1249 St. Josephs Cemetery BLUM, Fay Alfred
1250 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BLUM, Nichol Elizabeth
1251 Battle Grove Cemetery BLUMENFELD, Edward Marvin
1252 Reversed his first and middle names when he joined the Army BLUMENFELD, Edward Marvin
1253 Old Auburn Cemetery BLYLER, Gladys Ruth
1254 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private
1255 Forest Mound Cemetery BOARDMAN, Ellen
1256 Graceland Cemetery BOARDMAN, Fidelia
1257 Prior to October 26, 1835 Morristown, Vermont was part of Orleans County BOARDMAN, Fidelia
1258 Lakeview Cemetery BOARDMAN, Ozias
1259 Prior to October 26, 1835 Morristown, Vermont was part of Orleans County BOARDMAN, Ozias
1260 Living with cousin Arthur L RULISON (1864-1922). Later married him. After Arthur's death she married David H RANNEY (1867-1948) 5 May 1924 in Pinellas Co., Florida. BOCKES, Bertha May
1261 Maple Hill Cemetery BOCKES, Bertha May
1262 California Central Coast Veterans Cemetery BOCKMAN, Theodore Jr
1263 Greenwood Cemetery BODDIE, Dorothy
1264 Greenwood Cemetery BODDY, Maria Jane
1265 Calvary Cemetery BOGGS, Helen Abbott
1266 McIndoe Falls Cemetery BOGIE, Lindy B
1267 Hillside Cemetery BOHALL, Polly
1268 Graceland Cemetery BOHL, Bret A
1269 Mount Vernon Cemetery BOISEN, Annie
1270 New Cemetery BOLSTER, Jennie M
1271 Woodside Cemetery BOLTON, Carl Alonzo Jr
1272 Woodside Cemetery BOLTON, Carl Alonzo
1273 Woodside Cemetery BOLTON, Fred B
1274 Center Cemetery BOND, Ann Maria
1275 Innerkip Cemetery BOND, Frank Orwell
1276 Burgessville Baptist Cemetery BOND, Geneva Isabella
1277 Riverside Cemetery BONNAR, Miles Andrew
1278 Eaton Village Cemetery BONNEY, Charlotte
1279 Oak Grove Cemetery BONNEY, Dean
1280 Mt Auburn Cemetery BONNEY, Orvis W
1281 Mt Auburn Cemetery BONNEY, Thomas
1282 My double first cousin, George, legally changed his birth name when he entered the U.S. Navy and took his step-father's last name.

A great guy and one of my very favorite cousins, he was tragically killed in an auto accident at our "Walkley" Family Reunion in Glenn, Michigan, USA, in 1990.

Note by: Jerry Boor - Web Technician / 
BOOR, George Benton (Brown)
1283 Thumb Correctional Facility - Michigan Dept of Corrections BOOR, George Benton (Brown)
1284 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BOOR, Gerald Eugene
1285 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BOOR, Gerald Eugene
1286 White Chapel Cemetery BOOR, Hugh Eugene
1287 Marilyn was my first double cousin, who died early due to an infection that did not get treated timely. A great gal with a sense of humor and great to be around. My wife reminded me that, when we hadn't seen each other for a few years, she came to the family reunion and found me and planted a big kiss on my cheek with lots of lipstick.

Marilyn started to go by the last name of Brown in honor of her step-father and because her brother, George, had legally changed his name when he joined the U.S. Army.

Note by: Jerry Boor - Web Technician - 
BOOR, Marilyn Kaye (Brown)
1288 Mary Jean was my first double cousin and the oldest child of my mother's sister, Myrtle Walkley Boor Brown. Mary Jean started using the last name Brown in honor of her step-father and because her brother, George, had legally changed his last name to Brown when he joined the U.S. Army.

Aunt Myrtle tragically lost two of her three children at comparatively young ages, but Mary Jean outlived Aunt Myrtle by a few years, but because of emphysema, the same thing which had led to Aunt Myrtle's death, Mary Jean died in her early 70s. At her funeral the song, "I Can Only Imagine" (about meeting Jesus face to face), one of her favorites, was part of the ceremony.

Note by: Jerry Boor - Web Technician - 
BOOR, Mary Jean (Brown)
1289 Pittsfield Cemetery BOOS, William Nicholas
1290 Riverside Cemetery BOOTH, John
1291 Hillside Cemetery BORGERS, Albert Lewis
1292 Wild Rose Cemetery BORGERS, Clyde
1293 Mountain View Memorial Park BORGERS, Dora Ruth
1294 Crane Cemetery BORGERS, Dorcas E
1295 Balcom Cemetery BORGERS, Edison V
1296 Sherwood Cemetery BORGERS, Elizabeth Jane
1297 Lakeview Cemetery BORGERS, Gussie M
1298 Hillside Cemetery BORGERS, Gwendolyn
1299 Wild Rose Cemetery BORGERS, Hazel
1300 Living with brother John C Borgers and his family. BORGERS, Heman E
1301 Dawson County Cemetery BORGERS, John C
1302 Crane Cemetery BORGERS, Mary T
1303 Sunset Memorial Gardens BORGERS, Paul William
1304 Wild Rose Cemetery BORGERS, Phillip
1305 Rosehill Memorial Park BORGERS, Roy
1306 Hillside Cemetery BORGERS, Sybil E
1307 Brookside Cemetery BORLEY, Albert Thomas
1308 South Burying Ground BOTSFORD, Amadeus
1309 South Burying Ground BOTSFORD, Amos
1310 South Burying Ground - Kensington, Hartford Co, Connecticutt, USA BOTSFORD, Anna
1311 At her parents' death, Timothy (Amadeus Botsford's brother) took Esther, age 5:

"I find I have not told about Aunt Esther whom you must remember. She came from Kensington to Mary's house in Bristol for a visit and they went to Edward Terry's for a prayer meeting (what vou know as the Dailey Place) and fell on the ice, injuring her back from which she never fully recovered. For 6 years she had to lay in bed and suffered terribly, but was finally well enough to care for Uncle Timothy's widow, who died at 87, leaving her the property you know as Ellen Hutchenson's home. From 1872 to 1899, she made her home with my mother, more or less, and both she and Mary kept house there in 1886 and l887. She died in New Haven at the home of Ellen Botsford Beach the 10th of January 1899, and is buried in Lake Avenue Cemetery (Bristol)."

Excerpt from a letter by Annie Pierce Haviland to her son.
Note from Kit Cutting - research 
1312 Lake Avenue Cemetery BOTSFORD, Esther
1313 Martinsburg Cemetery BOTSFORD, Ezra
1314 West Cemetery BOTSFORD, Huldah
1315 South Burying Ground BOTSFORD, Ira
1316 South Burying Ground - Kensington, Hartford Co, Connecticutt, USA BOTSFORD, Levi
1317 West Cemetery BOTSFORD, Lucy
1318 South Burying Ground - Kensington, Hhartford Co, Connecticutt, USA BOTSFORD, Seth
1319 Emma's birth parents were Nicholas P Thoume and Rachel Mauzer. Mother's name appears of Emma's brother's death record. BOUGOURD-THOUME, Emma
1320 Emma's first husband was Eugene Bougourd. He was born about 1876 in Saint Martins, Guernsey, Channel Islands. He married Emma Thoume between 1901 and 1903. BOUGOURD-THOUME, Emma
1321 Little Lake Cemetery BOUGOURD-THOUME, Emma
1322 Terrace Cemetery BOULES, Patricia Fern Lou
1323 Mt Pleasant Cemetery BOUREY, Raymond Robert
1324 Mt Pleasant Cemetery BOUREY, Raymond Theodore
1325 Evergreen Cemetery BOUTELLE, Carrie A
1326 Oak Hill Cemetery BOVIE, Clare Byron
1327 Oak Hill Cemetery BOVIE, Walter H
1328 Roosevelt Memorial Park BOWE, Julia Mary
1329 Morrill Village Cemetery BOWEN, Caroline
1330 Washington Cemetery BOWEN, Janet May
1331 Mount Pleasant Cemetery BOWERS, Mamre Marie
1332 Brattleboro Retreat BOWERS, Mary Cecelia
1333 Oak Grove Cemetery BOWERS, Mary Cecelia
1334 Living with daughter's family BOWERS, Susan
1335 Riverside Cemetery BOWERS, Susan
1336 Laurel Hill Cemetery  BOWMAN, Austin
1337 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BOWMAN, James
1338 Laurel Hill Cemetery BOWMAN, Phebe
1339 Laurel Hill Cemetery BOWMAN, Philip Farington
1340 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. BOWMAN, Richard
1341 Whitmanville Cemetery
1342 Arnold Mills Cemetery BOYCE, Dorothy
1343 Maple Street Cemetery BOYCE, Roberta Virginia
1344 Fairmount Memorial Park BOYD, Augustus William
1345 Mooreland Cemetery BOYD, Elizabeth Blanchard
1346 Fairmount Memorial Park BOYD, Richard Merriam
1347 Fairmount Memorial Park BOYD, Major William L
1348 Major in the First Maine Volunteer Cavalry in the War of the Rebellion BOYD, Major William L
1349 Bellevue Cemetery BOYER, Arthur A
1350 Gresham Cemetery BOYER, Iva Blanche
1351 Belleville Cemetery BOYLE, Essie Adelaide
1352 Belleville Cemetery BOYLE, James
1353 Central Cemetery BOYNTON, Heman A
1354 Pleasant View Cemetery BOYNTON, John
1355 Central Cemetery BOYNTON, Ruth Nina
1356 Central Cemetery BOYNTON, Walter H
1357 Lakewood Cemetery BRACKETT, Amanda Billings
1358 Laurel Hill Cemetery BRACKETT, Julia Ada
1359 Brackett-Libbey Cemetery BRACKETT, Naomi
1360 MFT believes this was incorrectly recorded by Pope. No such place exists in Vermont. BRACKETT, Naomi
1361 Union Cemetery BRADFORD, Emma L
1362 Union Cemetery BRADFORD, James
1363 West Cemetery BRADLEY, Harriet Newton
1364 Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Cemetery BRADLEY, Hazel
1365 Worcester Rural Cemetery BRADLEY, Helen Osgood
1366 Walnut Grove Cemetery BRADLEY, Helen Rebecca
1367 Pine Lake Cemetery BRADLEY, Henry Teegarden
1368 Topeka Cemetery BRADLEY, Margaret
1369 Rose Hills Memorial Park BRADSHAW, Gaston W
1370 Woodlawn Cemetery BRADSHAW, Robert A Jr
1371 Central Cemetery BRADSHAW, Russell Holmes
1372 Union Cemetery BRADSTREET, Asa
1373 Evergreen Cemetery BRADY, Emma Lee
1374 St Marys Cemetery BRADY, HIllary Patrick
1375 Graceland Cemetery BRALEY, Edgar W
1376 Pine Hill Cemetery BRAMBLE, Helen
1377 Pittsfield Cemetery BRAMLEY, Dorothy A
1378 Wildwood Cemetery BRANDETH, Delia
1379 Forest Home Cemetery BRANDT, Eunice Wilbur
1380 Catholic Cemetery BRASE, William A
1381 Brownville Cemetery BRASIE, Ruth L
1382 Hillcrest West Cemetery BRATT, Devena
1383 Pine Grove Cemetery BRAY, Louise Maria
1384 Springfield Cemetery BRAY, Marion Belle
1385 Lanark City Cemetery BRAY, Royal Dame Sr
1386 Lanark City Cemetery BRAY, Royal Dame Jr
1387 Lanark City Cemetery BRAY, Truanna
1388 Newton Cemetery BRAYMAN, Herbert Eugene Jr
1389 Beech Grove Cemetery BRAZIER, John B
1390 Chocksett Burial Ground BRECK, Amos W
1391 Bridge Street Cemetery BRECK, Susan
1392 CHISHOLM, Gladys Audrey Breese - At Country Terrace Nursing Home, Komoka on Saturday, November 17, 2001 Gladys Audrey Breese Chisholm, formerly of Ingersoll in her 99th year. Wife of the late Dr. of Optometry Elmer J. Chisholm 1964. Dear mother of Dr. James Chisholm and his wife Madeleine of Timmins, Bill Chisholm and his wife Mary of North Bay and Elizabeth Ann and her husband Alan Hinge of London. Dear sister of Ena Witherspoon of Owen Sound. Also survived by nine grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Friends will be received at the McBeath-Dynes Funeral Home, 246 Thames Street. South, Ingersoll, today, 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p.m., where service will be held on Tuesday, November 20, 2001 at 3:00 p.m. Reverend Dr. Lonnie Atkinson of St. Pauls Presbyterian Church, Ingersoll officiating. Interment Ingersoll Rural Cemetery. In lieu of flowers memorial donations to the Ontario Heart & Stroke Foundation or St. Pauls Presbyterian Church would be appreciated BREESE, Gladys Audrey
1393 Ingersoll Rural Cemetery BREESE, Gladys Audrey
1394 Still Born BREHAUT, John Paul
1395 Greenwood Cemetery BRESEE, Blanche Cora
1396 Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery BRESEE, Carl E
1397 Greenwood Cemetery BRESEE, Charles
1398 Greenwood Cemetery BRESEE, Nellie
1399 Greenwood Cemetery
BRESEE, Nettie May
1400 Hartsville Cemetery BRETT, Austin

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