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801 High Street Cemetery BALL, Harvey
802 Mount Auburn Cemetery BALL, Mary Brooks
803 Pine Grove Cemetery BALLINGER, Anna B
804 Oak Woods Cemetery BANCROFT, Anna D
805 Forest Mound Cemetery BANCROFT, Blanche
806 Living with daughter and son-in-law BANCROFT, Darius L
807 plus 1874. BANCROFT, Darius L
808 Prairie Home Cemetery BANCROFT, Nellie Marian
809 Saint Laurents Cemetery BAPTIST, Mary
810 Lake View Cemetery BARBER, Adah M
811 Highland View Cemetery BARBOUR, Frank
812 Colman Cemetery BARBOUR, John
813 Highland View Cemetery BARBOUR, Theron Walter
814 Union Grove Cemetery BARCLAY, Virgil E
815 Scott's Cemetery BARHITE, William C
816 Riverside National Cemetery BARKEMEYER, Winston Gordon
817 Fairview Cemetery BARKER, Francis
818 Crystal Lake Cemetery BARKER, Mary
819 Vale End Cemetery BARKER, Nathan
820 Arlington National Cemetery BARKLEY, Mary
821 Atlanta Cemetery BARLAND, Betsy
822 Highland Cemetery BARLOW, Charles Flint
823 Greenwood Cemetery BARLOW, Gerald
824 Greenwood Cemetery BARLOW, Graham
825 Maple Grove Old Cemetery BARLOW, Helen K
826 Maple Grove Old Cemetery BARLOW, Howard L
827 Maple Grove Old Cemetery BARLOW, John Hammond
828 Hardwick Cemetery BARLOW, Stanley Walter
829 Highland Cemetery BARLOW, Stella M
830 Greenwood Cemetery BARLOW, Willard W
831 Hardwick Cemetery BARLOW, Wyatt
832 Merriam Cemetery BARNARD, Caroline F
833 Pine Grove Cemetery BARNEBY, Louisa
834 Cedar Hill Cemetery and Mausoleum BARNES, Aaron V
835 Edgewood Cemetery BARNES, Anna Frances
836 Union Cemetery BARNES, Betsey
837 East Village Cemetery BARNES, Betsey Maria
838 South Hero Cemetery BARNES, Cynthia
839 Riverside Cemetery BARNES, Eben
840 South Hero Cemetery BARNES, Edmond
841 South Hero Cemetery BARNES, Edward M
842 Woodlawn Cemetery BARNES, Enos Willard
843 Woodlawn Cemetery BARNES, Enos Willard Jr
844 Cedar Hill Cemetery and Mausoleum BARNES, Frank
845 South Hero Cemetery BARNES, Harriet
846 South Hero Cemetery BARNES, Lucius
847 Maplewood Cemetery BARNES, Lucy T
848 Worcester Rural Cemetery BARNES, Martha Washington
849 North Village Cemetery BARNES, Mary Sophia
850 South Hero Cemetery BARNES, Ruth
851 H. Warren Smith Memorial Cemetery BARNES, Sarah Alda
852 Woodlawn Cemetery BARNES, Virginia Lee
853 Community Cemetery BARNES, Warren
854 Daughter's birth record shows birth place and approx birth date BARNES, William Evans
855 Woodlawn Cemetery BARNES, William Merriam
856 Central Cemetery BARNEY, Emily A
857 Oak Grove Cemetery BARNHART, Sophia Jennie
858 Glendale Cemetery BARON, Louise
859 Mount Auburn Cemetery BARRETT, Alice Brewster
860 Village Cemetery BARRETT, Anna
861 Mount Auburn Cemetery BARRETT, Annette
862 South Burying Place BARRETT, Benjamin
863 The genealogy of family of Sarah Merriam and Benjamin Barrett has been written at There is a PDF file with this huge family.
It is too big for MFT to add to our tree at this time.

BARRETT, Benjamin
864 Birth date calculated from age at death BARRETT, Caroline M
865 Hope Grove Cemetery BARRETT, Caroline M
866 Hope Grove Cemetery BARRETT, David
867 Evergreen Cemetery BARRETT, Edward Kirk
868 Oak Grove Cemetery BARRETT, Elizabeth
869 Evergreens Cemetery BARRETT, Francis Robert
870 Birth recorded in Concord, MA. BARRETT, Francis W
871 Mount Auburn Cemetery BARRETT, George C
872 Old Hill Burying Ground BARRETT, James
873 Old Hill Burying Ground BARRETT, James
874 Mount Auburn Cemetery BARRETT, Louisa
875 Evergreen Cemetery BARRETT, Maria A
876 West Street Cemetery - Last name spelled MERIAM BARRETT, Mary
877 Birth date calculated from age at death BARRETT, Matthias Hawes
878 Mount Auburn Cemetery BARRETT, Matthias Hawes
879 Brookside Cemetery BARRETT, Nathan
880 Old Hill Burying Ground BARRETT, Nathan
881 Brookside Cemetery BARRETT, Nathan M
882 Pleasant View Cemetery BARRETT, Perley William
883 Brookside Cemetery BARRETT, Ralph C
884 Old Hill Burying Ground BARRETT, Rebeckah
885 Hope Grove Cemetery BARRETT, Reuben
886 Sleepy Hollow Cemetery BARRETT, Richard Fay
887 Warrenton Cemetery BARRETT, Richard Rice
888 Evergreens Cemetery BARRETT, Robert F
889 Hope Grove Cemetery BARRETT, Ruben
890 Fayette City Cemetery BARRETT, Ruth Geraldine
891 French Cemetery BARRETT, Sarah
892 Sleepy Hollow Cemetery BARRETT, Sarah W
893 Name and birth place appear on daughter's birth record BARRETT, Saxton Williams
894 Hope Grove Cemetery BARRETT, Silas
895 Hope Grove Cemetery BARRETT, Simon
896 Evergreen Cemetery BARRETT, Waldo C
897 South Cemetery BARRETT, Walter L
898 Sleepy Hollow Cemetery BARRETT, William
899 Green-Wood Cemetery BARRETT, Wilton J
900 Riverside Cemetery BARRINGER, Doris J
901 Woodside Cemetery BARRON, Carlos Edwin
902 ? on place of birth BARROR, Mary Alice
903 Owen Cemetery BARROR, Mary Alice
904 Bartholomew Cemetery BARTHOLOMEW, Asenath
905 In that her son was born in 1801 Pope's recording of her death as 1800 is incorrect.
906 Orem Cemetery BARTHOLOMEW, Azel Dale
907 Trinity Cemetery BARTHOLOMEW, Betsey
908 Brick Church Cemetery BARTHOLOMEW, Emily
909 Brick Church Cemetery BARTHOLOMEW, Jefferson
910 Lagrange Cemetery BARTHOLOMEW, Laura Ann
911 Brick Church Cemetery BARTHOLOMEW, Mary
912 Hillside Cemetery BARTHOLOMEW, Rebekah
913 North Cemetery BARTLETT, Edwin Alonzo
914 North Cemetery BARTLETT, Edwin Newton
915 Oak Grove Cemetery BARTLETT, Elmer Holmes
916 Living with daughter, Anna and her husband, Nelson Hill BARTLETT, Hannah Maria
917 Living with daughter, Anna, and son-in-law, Nelson Hill. BARTLETT, Hannah Maria
918 Copley Hospital BARTLETT, Loretta A
919 Lake Elmore Cemetery BARTLETT, Loretta A
920 Mount Feake Cemetery BARTLETT, Marcia
921 North Cemetery BARTLETT, Sara Davidson
922 West Cemetery BARTON, Timothy
923 Center Cemetery BASSETT, Mary
924 Riverside Cemetery BATCHELDER, Caroline E
925 Riverside Cemetery BATCHELDER, Charles Merriam
926 Congregational minister, Brooklyn, New York, USA. BATCHELDER, Francis Ebenezer
927 North New Salem Cemetery BATCHELDER, Irene
928 Riverside Cemetery BATCHELDER, John Davis
929 Riverside Cemetery BATCHELDER, Joseph
930 Riverside Cemetery BATCHELDER, Joseph Gardner
931 Hope Cemetery BATCHELDER, Lilia Jane
932 Riverside Cemetery BATCHELDER, Mary Caroline
933 Riverside Cemetery BATCHELDER, Nathaniel Walter
934 Cohasset Central Cemetery BATCHELDER, Sarah Elizabeth
935 Cambridge Cemetery BATES, Mary
936 North Weymouth Cemetery BATES, Rufus
937 Jolly Bethel Cemetery BATSCHELET, Donald
938 Jolly Bethel Cemetery BATSCHELET, Elmer Louis
939 Crystal Lake Cemetery BATTERSBY, Ellen Barbara
940 Calvin United Cemetery BATTIST, James Arnold
941 Woodside Cemetery BATTLES, Frank Herbert
942 Fort Hill Cemetery BATTLES, Otis Lincoln
943 Cutters Cemetery BAUER, Erica
944 Sullivan IOOF Cemetery BAUGHER, Emma
945 Montrose Cemetery BAUMBERGER, Alice
946 Parents living there at time of birth BAUMBERGER, Alice
947 Montrose Cemetery BAUMBERGER, John
948 Saint Bernard's Cemetery BAUMEISTER, John F
949 Lewis Memorial Park BAXTER, Ellery Read
950 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private
951 Lakeview Cemetery BEACH, Charles Arthur
952 Woodlawn Cemetery BEACH, David
953 Lakeview Cemetery BEACH, Emma L
954 Oakwood Cemetery BEACH, Frances Maria
955 Woodlawn Cemetery BEACH, Harry Augustus Sr
956 Lakeview Cemetery BEACH, Jessie C
957 Lakeview Cemetery BEACH, Joseph Thompson
958 Woodlawn Cemetery BEACH, Laurin Drake
959 Welcome O Brown Cemetery BEACH, Lennie Martha
960 Glenwood Cemetery BEACH, Lucy Owen
961 Harleigh Cemetery BEACH, Marion Isabel
962 Woodlawn Cemetery BEACH, Norman Drake
963 City Cemetery BEACH, P. Sayre
964 Oakhill Cemetery BEACH, Wilhelemina
965 Greenwood Cemetery BEADLES, Carleton
966 Greenwood Cemetery BEADLES, Charles Raub
967 Mount Gilead Cemetery BEADLES, William Thomas
968 North Cemetery BEAMAN, Abigail Florella
969 Ellinwood Cemetery BEAMAN, Allston Augustus
970 North Cemetery BEAMAN, Almira Cordelia
971 North Cemetery BEAMAN, Amos Merriam
972 Ellinwood Cemetery BEAMAN, Avis Ina
973 North Cemetery BEAMAN, Fidelia
974 North Cemetery BEAMAN, Hannah Thomas
975 North Cemetery BEAMAN, Lydia Merriam
976 Legg Cemetery BEAMAN, Maria Merriam
977 Woodside Cemetery BEAMAN, Merton Alliston
978 Worcester Rural Cemetery BEAMAN, Phebe
979 North Cemetery BEAMAN, Phineas
980 Woodlawn Cemetery BEAMAN, Phineas Alden
981 North Cemetery BEAMAN, Samuel Brooks
982 North Cemetery BEAMAN, Winslow Emerson
983 Westlook Cemetery BEAN, Dorothy
984 Westlook Cemetery BEAN, Freeman Henry
985 Stillborn BEAN, Given Name ?
986 Westlook Cemetery BEAN, Given Name ?
987 Woodlawn Cemetery BEANE, Harlan Orin
988 Hillside Cemetery BEARD, Josephine
989 San Gabriel Cemetery BEARDEN, Lennie A
990 Lakeview Cemetery BEARDSLEE, Helen Alvord
991 Puritan Lawn Memorial Park BEARDSLEE, Jane Merriam
992 First Presbyterian Church memorial Garden BEARDSLEE, Lois Margaret
993 Centreton Cemetery BEATTY, Arnold Andrew
994 Centreton Cemetery BEATTY, Ivan
995 Premature birth at 7 months BEATTY, Ivan
996 Lake View Cemetery BEAUMONT, Cornelia Merriam
997 Lake View Cemetery BEAUMONT, George Henry
998 Lake View Cemetery BEAUMONT, Sabra Ann Merriam
999 Felton Cemetery BEAVER, Manley David
1000 Waterloo Memorial Park Cemetery BECKER, Charles Dean

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