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  The Meriam House at Meriam's Corner, Concord, Massachusetts - Minute Man National Historical Park Where the American Revolution Began April 19, 1775

Announcing Meriam's Corner Reunion on Saturday, April 11, 2020

INFORMATION FROM OUR FACEBOOK PAGE: Observance at Mer(r)iam Corners, Concord MA. What we know so far. Happening Sat. April 11. 2020. There's no time schedule yet. In past years the parade forms up at the Ripley building on Meriam Rd. at 12 Noon on Saturday and marches down to Meriam's Corner for the speeches, Colonial band selections, etc. All are invited to march in the parade behind the Mer(r)iam banner. Non-marchers can stay at Meriam's Corner & watch (bringing a folding chair is a good idea as there's no seating).

After the Celebration is over we go back to the Noah Brook's Tavern, Rte. 2A, for lunch with Dwight Merriam and other organizers; usually a talk by Park officials about the state of the Meriam house. Sometimes we vote to use our Meriam's Corner money to fund certain projects. We normally always have a Merriam Vineyards wine auction & raffle.

It's always fun meeting relatives from afar, and trying to figure out how we're related, which can be done on this website. Festivities are usually all over about 5 PM.

The final schedule will come out nearer to the event, and there might be changes.... Hope this helps those planning the trip.

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The Merriam family lives primarily in North America. The purpose of this website is to track all Merriam / Meriam descendants at least to their 1638 ancestry roots in Concord, Massachusetts. Look for your ancestors, places, photos, find interesting stories and check the "What's New?" section in the menu at left.

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Our Genealogy Book - Cheaper Price!

The 522-page book entitled Merriam Genealogy in England and America, compiled by Charles Henry Pope in 1906, is the basis for much of our Merriam genealogy. This book was reprinted by John Merriam Kingsbury of Bullbrier Press (click on icon above for more information).

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When you submit photos, we will assign them to a person’s record on the website and you can also browse through all photos in the media section.

We request photos in jpg (Jpeg) format that are no larger than 400kb in file size.  We can re-format and re-size if photos are larger or in a different format. You may submit up to two color and four grayscale (black and white) photographs per individual. Digitized photographs can be attached to e-mail and sent to us at Paper photographs are acceptable, but we ask that you do not send original photographs.  Please contact us for more information on mailing photos.

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