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13801 Oak Hill Cemetery SMITH, Sarah M
13802 In 1974, as part of the re-organization of Old Durham County, Cavan Twp. was sold to Peterbourgh County. SMITH, Sidney John
13803 Hillcrest Memorial Park SMITH, Stanley
13804 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. SMITH, Stephen
13805 Northford Old Cemetery SMITH, Thomas Andrew
13806 Cottage Grove Cemetery SMITH, Thomas S
13807 Mount Vernon Cemetery SMITH, Velma Gertrude
13808 Tupman Cemetery SMITH, William
13809 Brookside Cemetery SMITH, William F
13810 Ferncliff Cemetery SMITH, William R
13811 Greenwood Cemetery SMYTHE, George B
13812 Greenwood Cemetery SMYTHE, Laura L ? (Wife of Paul)
13813 Greenwood Cemetery SMYTHE, Paul Kenneth
13814 St Paul Lutheran Cemetery SNACK, Frank E
13815 Pleasant Grove Cemetery SNAKENBERG, Frank D
13816 Norwich Bridge Cemetery SNELL, Betsey
13817 Springford Cemetery SNELL, Phylona
13818 Hollywood Cemetery SNODGRASS, Fanny
13819 Collamer Cemetery SNOOK, Jane Marjorie
13820 Rock Creek Cemetery SNOVER, Charlotte
13821 Laurel Hill Cemetery SNOW, Benjamin F
13822 Memorial Gardens SNOW, Jennie Rose
13823 Oakwood Cemetery SNOW, Mary Ann
13824 Village Cemetery SNOW, Sally
13825 Highland Memorial Cemetery SNYDER, Georgianna
13826 Wenas Cemetery SNYDER, Glenn W
13827 Spring Grove Cemetery SNYDER, Maxine L
13828 Lindenwood Cemetery SOLADEAN, Frieda
13829 Saxe Cemetery SOLES, Harriett A
13830 Mount Nebo Cemetery SOLMES, Thomas Elwood
13831 Evergreen Memorial Park SOMERS, Emmett F
13832 Lindenwood Cemetery SOMERS, Evelyn
13833 Evergreen Cemetery SOMERVILLE, Julia
13834 Union Cemetery SOPER, Elizabeth
13835 Sleepy Hollow Cemetery SOPER, Mary
13836 Graceland Cemetery SORHEIM, DeNaiz
13837 Fairlawn Cemetery SORTORE, Erma
13838 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. SOUDER, Cheryl Marie
13839 Cornelius SOULE is a famous Canadian and his biography can be seen at SOULE, Cornelius John
13840 Evergreen Cemetery SOULE, Elaine Louise
13841 Evergreen Cemetery SOULE, Lemuel L
13842 Broadalbin-Mayfield Rural Cemetery SOUTHARD, Jane
13843 Old Burt Cemetery SOUTHARD, Rhoda
13844 Blossom Hill Cemetery SOUTHER, Ann Stickney
13845 Riverside Cemetery SOUTHERN, Martha
13846 Parkview Cemetery SOUTHGATE, Richard
13847 Edgel Grove Cemetery and Mausoleum SOUTHMAYD, Levi H
13848 Suicide - Gunshot to the head SOUTHMAYD, Levi H
13849 Named in husband's obituary SOUTHWICK, Sarah
13850 Springfield Cemetery SOUTHWORTH, Barbara Dwight
13851 Springfield Cemetery SOUTHWORTH, Constant
13852 Brooklawn Memorial Park SOUTHWORTH, Horace A
13853 Springfield Cemetery SOUTHWORTH, John Hayward
13854 Brooklawn Memorial Park SOUTHWORTH, Richard A
13855 Wildwood Cemetery SPAFFORD, Burtrude Ellen
13856 Ontario was formerly known as Upper Canada, It existed from December 26, 1791 to February 10, 1841
SPALDING, Adeline Humphreys
13857 Ontario was formerly known as Upper Canada, It existed from December 26, 1791 to February 10, 1841
13858 Called UPPER CANADA at time of birth.

Community of birth unknown 
13859 Ontario was formerly known as Upper Canada, It existed from December 26, 1791 to February 10, 1841
SPALDING, Ellen Semanthe
13860 St John's Cemetery SPALDING, Ellen Semanthe
13861 St Andrew's United Church Cemetery SPALDING, Given Name ? (Daughter Of David)
13862 Ontario was formerly known as Upper Canada, It existed from December 26, 1791 to February 10, 1841
SPALDING, Hulduh Ann
13863 St Andrew's United Church Cemetery SPALDING, Levi
13864 Ontario was formerly known as Upper Canada, It existed from December 26, 1791 to February 10, 1841
13865 (UPPER CANADA) SPALDING, Mary Grover
13866 St Andrews United Church Cemetery SPALDING, Oliver
13867 St Andrew's United Church Cemetery SPALDING, Samuel
13868 (UPPER CANADA) SPALDING, Thomas Major
13869 Lanesborough Congregational Church SPALDING, Thomas Major
13870 Ontario was formerly known as Upper Canada, It existed from December 26, 1791 to February 10, 1841
SPALDING, Thomas Major Jr
13871 St Andrew's United Church Cemetery SPALDING, Thomas Major
13872 Probably SPARHAWK, Anna
13873 Linwood Park Cemetery SPARKS, George Edward
13874 (Called UPPER CANADA at time of birth) SPARROW, Margaret
13875 Harriston Cemetery SPARROW, Margaret
13876 Copley Hospital SPAULDING, Addie
13877 Jedediah Hyde Cemetery SPAULDING, Addie
13878 Pleasant View Cemetery SPAULDING, Dora Etta
13879 Trowbridge Methodist Cemetery SPAULDING, Esther E
13880 Central Cemetery SPAULDING, Maria A
13881 First husband was Stephen Pierce SPAULDING, Maria A
13882 Maiden name appears in son's death record SPAULDING, Maria A
13883 Riverside Cemetery SPAULDING, Mary Malvina
13884 North Cemetery SPEAR, Edith M ? (Wife of Henry)
13885 Oak Grove Cemetery SPEAR, Erma Wilhelmina
13886 North Cemetery SPEAR, George Porter
13887 Oak Grove Cemetery SPEAR, Harlan J
13888 North Cemetery SPEAR, Harriet E
13889 North Cemetery SPEAR, Henry Alfred
13890 North Cemetery SPEAR, Mabel Georgia
13891 Norton Cemetery SPEAR, Marion Ruth
13892 Woodlawn Cemetery SPEAR, Russell Mayo
13893 Central Cemetery SPEARE, Anna Louisa
13894 Central Cemetery SPEARE, Caleb
13895 Central Cemetery SPEARE, Dewitt
13896 Central Cemetery SPEARE, Lucian
13897 Pope appears to have incorrectly recorded this person's name as LUCIA and gender as FEMALE. SPEARE, Lucian
13898 Glenwood Cemetery SPEARS, Esther
13899 Lary Cemetery SPEARS, Ethel Melinda
13900 Forest Lawn Memorial Park SPEECE, Grace V
13901 Forest Lawn Memorial Park SPEECE, Howard Curtis
13902 Forest Lawn Memorial Park SPEECE, John William
13903 Angelus Rosedale Cemetery SPEECE, Nathaniel H
13904 Angelus Rosedale Cemetery SPEECE, Thelma Rose
13905 Leo and Alice Merriam were pioneers of the annual Michigan Merriam Reunion which has been going on for over 60 years (as of 2010). Leo and his wife, Alice Spencer Merriam, who were distant Merriam cousins, did a lot of research that went into compiling the Michigan connection for the Merriam Family Tree.

Excerpt from: Historical Report on the Merriam Family (July 1983 - written by Leo and Alice Merriam):
"This work has required considerable research and has taken us to places like:
Boston, Massachusetts; Concord, Massachusetts; Brandon, Vermont; Chatham, Ontario, Canada; Merriam, Kansas; Pittsburg, Kansas; Cherokee, Kansas; Malone, New York; Detroit, Michigan; Sacramento, California; and Chico, California.
We were able to acquire information about the Merriams in all of these places, with the most complete and reliable information at Boston and Concord, Massachusetts, and Chatham, Ontario, Canada."
Note by Jerry Boor, Web Technician - As time becomes available, I will post this entire 8-page historical report in our history section. 
SPENCER, Alice June
13906 Cherokee Memorial Park SPENCER, Alice June
13907 Summer Hill Cemetery SPENCER, Alvah Clement
13908 Village Cemetery SPENCER, Edwin Rufus
13909 Summer Hill Cemetery SPENCER, Grace Agnes
13910 East Clarendon Cemetery SPENCER, John Calvin
13911 Evergreen Cemetery SPENCER, Martha E
13912 Evergreen Cemetery SPENCER, Sarah Roxanna
13913 Woodland Cemetery SPENCER, Sarah W
13914 Glendale Cemetery SPICER, Lucinda
13915 Advocate Cemetery SPICER, Mary Madeline
13916 Evergreen Cemetery SPIECKER, Robert Merriam
13917 Lakewood Park Cemetery SPIES, Frederick John III
13918 White Rose Cemetery SPIES, Frederick John Jr
13919 Warrenton Cemetery SPILMAN, Anne Camden
13920 Roselawn Memorial Gardens SPITNALE, Bertha Helena
13921 Rosehill Cemetery and Mausoleum SPRAGUE, Annie Rockwell
13922 Springfield Cemetery SPRAGUE, Charlotte Elizabeth
13923 Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery SPRAGUE, James Blaine Jr
13924 Greenwood Cemetery SPRAGUE, Martin A
13925 Pine Grove Cemetery SPRAGUE, Mary Ann
13926 Greenwood Cemetery SPRENGEL, Paul
13927 Newton Cemetery SPRINGHAM, Lalalia Deflon
13928 West Cemetery SPROUT, Eugene
13929 West Cemetery SPROUT, Joseph
13930 West Cemetery SPROUT, William Henry
13931 Modesto Pioneer Cemetery SPURRIER, Amos Burt
13932 Modesto Pioneer Cemetery SPURRIER, Charles Albert
13933 Paso Robles District Cemetery SPURRIER, Frederick Keagle
13934 Paso Robles District Cemetery SPURRIER, George Frederick
13935 Paso Robles District Cemetery SPURRIER, George Otis
13936 Modesto Pioneer Cemetery SPURRIER, Green
13937 Manti Cemetery SQUIRE, Laurette
13938 White Chapel Cemetery SQUIRES, Debbie Louise
13939 White Chapel Cemetery SQUIRES, Joseph Burton
13940 Center Cemetery ST JOHN, Agnes
13941 Holy Family Cemetery ST. AMOUR, Pearl M
13942 Hillside Cemetery STACEY, Wilfred Archibald
13943 Liberty Cemetery STACY, Alvin Luke
13944 Liberty Cemetery STACY, Alvin Woodman
13945 Liberty Cemetery STACY, Amanda
13946 Liberty Cemetery STACY, Caius
13947 Camp Creek Cemetery STACY, Charlotte
13948 Ord Cemetery STACY, Effie E
13949 Liberty Cemetery STACY, Harriet
13950 Liberty Cemetery STACY, Joel Don
13951 Laurel Grove Cemetery STACY, Miles O
13952 Ord Cemetery STACY, Samuel A
13953 Liberty Cemetery STACY, Vesta A
13954 Liberty Cemetery STACY, William
13955 Old Burt Cemetery STAFFORD, Cordelia
13956 Hillside Cemetery STAFFORD, Florence
13957 Newton Cemetery STAFFORD, James Alfred
13958 Gore Cemetery STAFFORD, Rita Gertrude
13959 Oak Hill Cemetery STAFFORD, Samuel Harvey
13960 Deerfield Cemetery STANBERY, Frank A
13961 Deerfield Cemetery STANBERY, Harry Merriam
13962 Deerfield Cemetery STANBERY, James Jones
13963 Spring Grove Cemetery STANBERY, Jane
13964 McConnellville Cemetery STANBERY, Kate
13965 Stockport Cemetery STANBERY, Mary Gertrude
13966 Forest Rose Cemetery STANBERY, Maude
13967 Deerfield Cemetery STANBERY, Maurice
13968 Living on Lot 7, Concession 1, STANBURY, Margery
13969 Maple Grove Cemetery STANBURY, Margery
13970 Margery's father, William Stanbury, was a sea captain. He was unable to take Margery to sea with him so gave Margery to his brother, Edward Stanbury and his wife, Mary Jane Aunger, to raise.
According to Dorcas Aunger, there was never a formal adoption. Richard Merriam MFT  
13971 St. Breward Parish STANBURY, Margery
13972 Pine Hill Cemetery STANFIELD, Sarah Elizabeth
13973 Pope incorrectly recorded his name as Daniel Griswold of Stanley, CT. There is no such place. His Ohio marriage record shows his name as Daniel G Stanley. STANLEY, Daniel Griswold
13974 Due to incorrectly recording her father's name as Griswold, Pope also incorrectly recorded her name the same. Real name was Rosella Stanley. STANLEY, Rosella
13975 Indian River Cemetery STANNARD, Frank Sumner
13976 Indian River Cemetery STANNARD, John E
13977 Welcome O Brown Cemetery STANTON, Harrison
13978 Westlook Cemetery STANTON, Harry
13979 Westlook Cemetery STANTON, Hortense Emily
13980 Westlook Cemetery STANTON, Loomis E
13981 Greenwood Cemetery STAPLETON, Paul E
13982 Arlington National Cemetery STARK, Dolores
13983 Massachusetts National Cemetery STARKWEATHER, Charles
13984 Massachusetts National Cemetery STARKWEATHER, Jeane A ? (Wife of Charles)
13985 Union Cemetery STARKWEATHER, Robert
13986 Old Dunstable Cemetery STARR, Ebenezer
13987 Union Grove Cemetery STAVER, Wanda Eliza
13988 Union Mills Cemetery STAYBACK, Kay F
13989 Oak Grove Cemetery STEADE, Earla V
13990 Forest Hills Cemetery and Crematory STEARNS, Anna Bemis
13991 Worcester Rural Cemetery STEARNS, Charles H
13992 Forest Hills Cemetery and Crematory STEARNS, Harris B
13993 Central Cemetery STEARNS, Jesse
13994 Leeds Plains Cemetery STEARNS, Leah Glidden
13995 Butternut Ridge Cemetery STEARNS, Lucy
13996 The Hill Cemetery STEARNS, Lucy
13997 Mount Feake Cemetery STEARNS, Rachel
13998 Woodside Cemetery STEARNS, Stephen H
13999 Central Cemetery STEBBINS, Herbert W
14000 Nile Cemetery STEBBINS, Jacob J

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