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14801 Middletown Springs Cemetery WAIT, William Carey
14802 Walnut Grove Cemetery WAITE, Amory Hooper Jr
14803 Northumberland Cemetery WAITE, Betsey
14804 Wenatchee City Cemetery WAITE, Genevieve
14805 North Jay Cemetery WAITE, Rebecca
14806 Hope Cemetery WAKEFIELD, Clara
14807 Union Common Cemetery WALCOTT, Ada Blanch
14808 Winnetka Congregational Church Cemetery WALDO, Charles Ives Jr
14809 Memorial Park Cemetery and Mausoleum WALDO, Chartles Ives
14810 Pine Grove Cemetery WALKER, Alice Ada
14811 Mount Hope Cemetery WALKER, Anna
14812 Pine Grove Cemetery WALKER, Aseneth
14813 Old South Burying Ground WALKER, Beth Louise
14814 Poseyville Cemetery WALKER, Cordelia
14815 Cave Hill Cemetery WALKER, Earl or Erle Foster
14816 Pine Grove Cemetery WALKER, Edith Merriam
14817 Pine Grove Cemetery WALKER, Edward Joseph
14818 Poseyville Cemetery WALKER, Eleanor K
14819 Lakeview Cemetery WALKER, Elizabeth
14820 Poseyville Cemetery WALKER, Elizabeth
14821 Poseyville Cemetery WALKER, Ethel B
14822 Francis Eells Walker resided in Bedford, Iowa; was president of National Bank.

Pope Book, page 118 
WALKER, Francis Eells
14823 Poseyville Cemetery WALKER, Goldsmith
14824 Gore Cemetery WALKER, Hannah
14825 Old Oak Street Burial Ground WALKER, Hannah
14826 Riverside Cemetery WALKER, Harold Marshall
14827 Mount Hope Cemetery WALKER, Harriet S
14828 Woodside Cemeterey WALKER, Harry Hurd
14829 Riverside Cemetery WALKER, Helen Irene
14830 Mount Hope Cemetery WALKER, Hiram
14831 Poseyville Cemetery WALKER, John
14832 Woodside Cemetery WALKER, Leah J
14833 Pine Grove Cemetery WALKER, Lena Ada
14834 Woodside Cemetery WALKER, Leo E
14835 Mount Hope Cemetery WALKER, Lizzie
14836 Woodside Cemetery WALKER, Lois Alberta
14837 Mount Vernon Cemetery WALKER, Lucy
14838 Poseyville Cemetery WALKER, Lucy or Lute E
14839 Pine Grove Cemetery WALKER, Lyman Sumner
14840 Lawrence Brook Cemetery WALKER, Mabel F
14841 Puritan Lawn Memorial Park WALKER, Marion D
14842 Poseyville Cemetery WALKER, Mary Catherine
14843 Hillcrest Cemetery WALKER, Mary Edith
14844 Warwick Cemetery WALKER, Nancy
14845 Mount Hope Cemetery WALKER, Nellie
14846 Poseyville Cemetery WALKER, Oscar G
14847 Cottonwood Cemetery WALKER, Ralph L
14848 Poseyville Cemetery WALKER, Retta J
14849 Riverside Cemetery WALKER, Willis Marshall
14850 Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital WALKLEY, Ruby Pearl
14851 White Chapel Cemetery WALKLEY, Ruby Pearl
14852 Angelus Rosedale Cemetery WALLACE, Albert J
14853 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. WALLACE, Christopher Lee
14854 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. WALLACE, Denise
14855 Lone Mountain Cemetery WALLACE, Donald Joseph
14856 Munster Union Cemetery  WALLACE, George Irwin
14857 Woodlawn Cemetery WALLACE, Grace Lillian
14858 Bedford Cemetery WALLACE, Katherine
14859 Ontario was formerly known as Upper Canada, It existed from December 26, 1791 to February 10, 1841
WALLACE, Mary Elizabeth
14860 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. WALLACE, Michael Gregory
14861 Westfield Cemetery WALLACE, Pamela
14862 Mary Queen of Peace Cemetery WALLACE, Penelope
14863 Westfield Cemetery WALLACE, Ralph
14864 North Cemetery WALLACE, Robert Shurtleff
14865 Glenwood Cemetery WALLACE, Rosamond Lyman
14866 Glenwood Cemetery WALLACE, Rosemary Lyman
14867 Oak Hill Cemetery WALLACH, Rose Douglas
14868 North Fairfield Cemetery WALLWORK, Edna Meriam
14869 Greenwood Cemetery WALLWORK, Flora May
14870 Greenwood Cemetery WALLWORK, Fred Garfield
14871 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private
14872 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private
14873 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private
14874 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private
14875 Arvada Cemetery WALSH, May A
14876 Mount Pleasant Cemetery WALTER, Leola A
14877 Claverack Dutch Reformed Churchyard WALTERMIRE, Alice Bertha
14878 Sunnyside Cemetery WALTERS, Mona A
14879 Pleasant View Cemetery WALTON, Alfred
14880 Pleasant View Cemetery WALTON, Almeda
14881 Central Cemetery WALTON, Chester Isaac
14882 Central Cemetery WALTON, Chester M
14883 Central Cemetery WALTON, Corabelle
14884 Between 1583 and 1949 Newfoundland was either an English/British colony (1583-1907) or a self-governing Dominion of the British Empire (1907-1949) WALTON, Elizabeth L
14885 Central Cemetery WALTON, Elizabeth L
14886 Entered the United States with her mother, Lillian (MERCER) WALTON. Arrived aboard the Steam Ship Rosalind WALTON, Elizabeth L
14887 Welton Cemetery WALTON, Emeline E
14888 East Cemetery WALTON, Esther H ? (Wife of Silas)
14889 Crestlawn Memorial Park WALTON, Jacqueline
14890 Central Cemetery WALTON, Joseph Henry
14891 Living with daughter at time of census WALTON, Joseph Henry
14892 Evergreen Cemetery WALTON, Mary Eleanor
14893 Central Cemetery WALTON, Nina Eva
14894 East Cemetery WALTON, Silas A
14895 Central Cemetery WALTON, Terrence E
14896 Central Cemetery WALTON, Wallace N
14897 Oakdale Cemetery WALTZ, Bertha L
14898 Mountain Home Cemetery WALTZ, Lauren Rex
14899 Walnut Grove Cemetery WARD, Annie
14900 Greenlawn Cemetery WARD, Bushrod
14901 Calvary Cemetery WARD, Christabel May
14902 China Village Cemetery WARD, Edmund
14903 Arlington National Cemetery WARD, Emma Frances
14904 Rock Ridge Cemetery WARD, Eunice Clark
14905 Walnut Grove Cemetery WARD, Florence Ageline
14906 Ida Cemetery WARD, Fred
14907 Tuscaloosa Memorial Park WARD, Hugh Brantley Jr
14908 Memorial Cemetery WARD, John Leonard
14909 Bay Path Cemetery WARD, Jonas
14910 Union Grove Cemetery WARD, Lois I
14911 Bryant Cemetery WARD, Mary
14912 Los Angeles National Cemetery WARD, Noyes G
14913 Raymond Hill Cemetery WARD, Paul
14914 Pleasant View Cemetery WARD, Randall Lee
14915 Raymond Hill Cemetery WARD, Raymond William
14916 Orleans Cemetery  WARD, Richard Peaslee
14917 Pleasant View Cemetery WARD, Rudolph Cleo
14918 Strathroy Municipal Cemetery WARDELL, James Malcom
14919 Oak Ridge Cemetery WARDWELL, Catherine E
14920 Oak Ridge Cemetery WARDWELL, Lucia M
14921 Riverside Cemetery WARE, Aaron Wood
14922 According to son Charles's death register, mother born in CANADA WARE, Caroline
14923 Mount Auburn Cemetery WARE, Caroline
14924 Forest Hills Cemetery WARE, Dorothy
14925 West Street Cemetery WARE, Florence Emily
14926 Forest Hill Cemetery WARE, Harold Bacon
14927 Forest Hill Cemetery WARE, Horace Bacon
14928 Surry Village Cemetery WARE, John Quincy Adams
14929 West Street Cemetery WARE, Olive Marion
14930 North Cemetery WARE, Rachel Elizabeth
14931 Paxton Center Cemetery WARE, Roxanna Harriet
14932 West Street Cemetery WARE, Walter Henry
14933 Hill Top Cemetery WARNER, Abel
14934 Fairview Cemetery WARNER, Albert H
14935 Bryant Cemetery WARNER, Ambrose
14936 Old Hardwick Cemetery WARNER, Anna
14937 Bryant Cemetery WARNER, Cynthia
14938 Old Hardwick Cenetery WARNER, Daniel Jr
14939 River View Cemetery WARNER, Daniel
14940 Hardwick Cemetery WARNER, Elijah
14941 Pleasant Street Cemetery WARNER, Elijah
14942 Fairview Cemetery WARNER, Emily Maria
14943 Hardwick Cemetery WARNER, Giles
14944 Palmyra Cemetery WARNER, Hannah
14945 South Cemetery WARNER, Huldah
14946 Hillcrest Cemetery WARNER, Ira
14947 Bryant Cemetery WARNER, John
14948 Hardwick Cemetery WARNER, John Whitcomb
14949 Hardwick Cemetery WARNER, Jonathan
14950 Bryant Cemetery WARNER, Joseph
14951 Bryant Cemetery WARNER, Joseph
14952 Bryant Cemetery WARNER, Joseph
14953 Village Cemetery WARNER, Laura
14954 South Cemetery WARNER, Lecta
14955 Hill Top Cemetery WARNER, Lorenzo
14956 Bryant Cemetery WARNER, Lydia
14957 Village Cemetery WARNER, Martha Elivra
14958 Fairview Cemetery WARNER, Mary
14959 Fairview Cemetery WARNER, Mattie E
14960 Brewster Cemetery WARNER, Minerva
14961 Laurel Hill Cemetery WARNER, Minnie F
14962 Oakwood Cemetery WARNER, Minnie Leona
14963 Bryant Cemetery WARNER, Moses
14964 Village Cemetery WARNER, Norman
14965 Bryant Cemetery WARNER, Oren Hartwell
14966 Bryant Cemetery WARNER, Paul
14967 Fairview Cemetery WARNER, Pelatiah
14968 Old Graveyard WARNER, Persis
14969 South Hawley Cemetery WARNER, Persis
14970 Village Cemetery WARNER, Persis
14971 Hill Top Cemetery WARNER, Polly
14972 Hardwick Cemetery WARNER, Rachel
14973 Bryant Cemetery WARNER, Rhoda
14974 Dawes Cemetery WARNER, Sally or Sarah
14975 Old Hardwick Cemetery WARNER, Sarah
14976 Bryant Cemetery WARNER, Sarah W
14977 Hardwick Cemetery WARNER, Submit Wells
14978 Dawes Cemetery WARNER, Susanna
14979 Bryant Cemetery WARNER, William
14980 Village Cemetery WARNER, William Ambrose
14981 Welcome O. Brown Cemetery WARNER, Wilmond A
14982 Holstein (Reid) Cemetery WARNOCK, Clifford Samuel
14983 Iron Bridge Cemetery WARNOCK, John
14984 Arnill United Cemetery WARNOCK, John Merriam
14985 Arnill United Cemetery WARNOCK, Samuel Nelson
14986 Lower Village Cemetery WARREN, Abijah
14987 Hillside Cemetery WARREN, Albert
14988 Oak Hill Cemetery WARREN, Annie Lee
14989 Hillside Cemetery WARREN, Betty
14990 Brookside Cemetery WARREN, Carrie Louisa
14991 Cave Hill Cemetery WARREN, Charles
14992 Cave Hill Cemetery WARREN, Charles Newell
14993 Hillside Cemetery WARREN, Ella Maria
14994 Cave Hill Cemetery WARREN, Emily
14995 Hillside Cemetery WARREN, Emma Sophia
14996 Old Cemetery WARREN, Fannie or Frances C
14997 Hillside Cemetery WARREN, Francis W
14998 Brookside Cemetery WARREN, Francis Walter
14999 Cave Hill Cemetery WARREN, Frank
15000 Oak Woods Cemetery WARREN, Frank Herbert

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