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18001 Woodside Cemetery MERRIAM, Joel (I4418)
18002 Woodside Cemetery MERRIAM, John (I5642)
18003 Woodside Cemetery MERRIAM, Leon Artemas (I68600)
18004 Woodside Cemetery BROOKS, Elizabeth (I9936)
18005 Woodside Cemetery MERRIAM, Martha B (I13875)
18006 Woodside Cemetery TAYLOR, Martha (I68612)
18007 Woodside Cemetery MERRIAM, Spencer Hervey (I68599)
18008 Woodside Cemetery MERRIAM, Oliver Moore (I5944)
18009 Woodside Cemetery MERRIAM, Polly (I12285)
18010 Woodside Cemetery FARNSWORTH, Polly (I13832)
18011 Woodside Cemetery MERRIAM, Reuben (I12294)
18012 Woodside Cemetery MERRIAM, Reuben Puffer (I4414)
18013 Woodside Cemetery MERRIAM, Robert Joel (I68595)
18014 Woodside Cemetery MOORE, Sally (I13880)
18015 Woodside Cemetery MERRIAM, Samuel (I10593)
18016 Woodside Cemetery MERRIAM, Sarah E (I13841)
18017 Woodside Cemetery MERRIAM, Sarah Maria (I9972)
18018 Woodside Cemetery MERRIAM, Stillman (I13842)
18019 Woodside Cemetery MERRIAM, Thomas Wilder (I12315)
18020 Woodside Cemetery MERRIAM, Emma E (I9974)
18021 Woodside Cemetery URBAN, G Frank (I9978)
18022 Woodside Cemetery MERRIAM, Tabitha (I4677)
18023 Woodside Cemetery WHITNEY, Capt. Nathan (I4685)
18024 Woodside Cemetery WHITNEY, Nathan (I76149)
18025 Woodside Cemetery WHITNEY, David (I76144)
18026 Woodside Cemetery WHITNEY, John (I76145)
18027 Woodside Cemetery MERRIAM, Nancy (I12316)
18028 Woodside Cemetery WOOD, Aaron (I12317)
18029 Woodside Cemetery MERRIAM, Eliza (I11278)
18030 Woodside Cemetery NICHOLS, Martha (I60135)
18031 Woodside Cemetery ADAMS, Addie Estey (I83234)
18032 Woodside Cemetery BARRON, Carlos Edwin (I83236)
18033 Woodside Cemetery MORSE, Carrrie L (I83232)
18034 Woodside Cemetery ADAMS, George Harrison (I83225)
18035 Woodside Cemetery MURDOCK, Harriet Elizabeth (I83271)
18036 Woodside Cemetery MERRIAM, Cora Abbie (I15810)
18037 Woodside Cemetery FLINT, George S (I87762)
18038 Woodside Cemetery FRANZ, Lydia M (I87778)
18039 Woodside Cemetery PRESCOTT, Nathan (I87956)
18040 Woodside Cemetery KENDALL, Catherine (I87963)
18041 Woodside Cemetery PRESCOTT, Almira (I9677)
18042 Woodside Cemetery DOTY, John (I90783)
18043 Woodside Cemetery MANDELL, Mary (I90789)
18044 Woodside Cemetery DOTY, Patty Woodbridge (I90794)
18045 Woodside Cemetery WOOD, Abraham (I90802)
18046 Woodstock Hill Cemetery JOY, Henry Frank (I90358)
18047 Woodstock Hill Cemetery POMEROY, Annette (I90359)
18048 Woodstock Hill Cemetery JOY, Charlotte P (I90360)
18049 Woodstock Hill Cemetery JOY, Henry P (I90361)
18050 Woodstock Hill Cemetery JOY, David P (I90362)
18051 Woodstock Rural Cemetery MERRIAM, Ida (I15373)
18052 Woodville Cemetery WOOD, Nathan (I83229)
18053 Woodville Cemetery ADAMS, Elenah (I83222)
18054 Woodville Cemetery STICKNEY, Paul (I87530)
18055 Woodville Cemetery BROWN, Abigail (I87129)
18056 Woonsocket City Hospital BAILEY, Harry Lanning (I65196)
18057 Wooster Cemetery FLYE, Edward (I72957)
18058 Worcester County Memorial Park MERRIAM, Richard G (I66080)
18059 Worcester Insane Hospital MERRIAM, Sarah Sophia (I12156)
18060 Worcester Rural Cemetery BEAMAN, Phebe (I65790)
18061 Worcester Rural Cemetery MINOTT, Joseph Nelson (I12331)
18062 Worcester Rural Cemetery MERRIAM, Betsey (I12330)
18063 Worcester Rural Cemetery MINOTT, Mary Sterns (I71169)
18064 Worcester Rural Cemetery MIRICK, Persis M (I13614)
18065 Worcester Rural Cemetery BELDON, Abby P (I14255)
18066 Worcester Rural Cemetery GREEN, Lucy Merriam (I11592)
18067 Worcester Rural Cemetery GREEN, William Elijah (I11591)
18068 Worcester Rural Cemetery BAIRD, Mabel C (I80849)
18069 Worcester Rural Cemetery NEWTON, George M (I83047)
18070 Worcester Rural Cemetery CHAMBERLAIN, George A (I83169)
18071 Worcester Rural Cemetery BARNES, Martha Washington (I83165)
18072 Worcester Rural Cemetery CHAMBERLAIN, John F (I83171)
18073 Worcester Rural Cemetery CHAMBERLAIN, Carrie M (I83170)
18074 Worcester Rural Cemetery STEARNS, Charles H (I71167)
18075 Worcester Rural Cemetery LAMSON, Sarah H (I71168)
18076 Worcester Rural Cemetery HOLBROOK, Sarah Frances (I83324)
18077 Worcester Rural Cemetery WOOD, Hamilton Brooks (I83366)
18078 Worcester Rural Cemetery BRADLEY, Helen Osgood (I83369)
18079 Worcester Rural Cemetery WOOD, Osgood Bradley (I83373)
18080 Worcester Rural Cemetery HEYWOOD, Catherine Maria (I88926)
18081 Worcester Rural Cemetery WOOD, Edwin H (I88939)
18082 Worcester Rural Cemetery WOOD, Frederick C (I88940)
18083 Working on farm with father. MERRIAM, Isaac Stone (I5615)
18084 World war 2 MERRIAM, Ralph (I15716)
18085 World War 2 MERRIAM, Karl Mccormick (I15717)
18086 Wounded at Petersburg, VA 18 Jun 1864. BROWN, Joshua Livingston (I11305)
18087 Wounded at the battle of Cold Harbor, VA 3 Jun 1864. ARMSTRONG, Francis (I82735)
18088 Wounded in chest and right arm during the Battle of The Wilderness; May 5, 1864 MERIAM, Edwin R (I61490)
18089 Wyuka Cemetery FRENCH, Rev Herman A (I69136)
18090 Wyuka Cemetery ROSS, Minerva (I84578)
18091 Wyuka Cemetery LEWIS, Frances Louisa (I84653)
18092 Wyuka Cemetery CODY, Aldus (I88064)
18093 Wyuka Cemetery PATRICK, Elizabeth Ann (I88065)
18094 Wyuka Cemetery SINCLAIR, John L (I92936)
18095 Wyuka Cemetery SINCLAIR, Louise May (I92939)
18096 Yantic Cemetery HARLAND, Henry (I6443)
18097 Yantic Cemetery MERRIAM, Aline Herminie (I6441)
18098 Yantic Cemetery HOUSE, Richard E (I92154)
18099 Year Doris remarried Family F12672
18100 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F21608
18101 Zimron Blodgett Merriam

Zimron Merriam led anything but a tranquil life. Only a short while after his birth in Cobourg, Ontario in 1845, he and his mother moved to the Watertown, NY area as a consequence of his mother's strained relationship with his father, Johnson Merriam. Then, at the youthful age of 16, Zimron's mother died and he was left without parents, his father having died when Zimron was only 8. In the same year of his mother's death, his new country found itself embroiled in a Civil War and Zimron decided to enlist in the Army.

Zimron participated in many major Civil War battles including the battles at Cedar Mountain, Rappahannock River, Bull Run, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and the Battle of Shenanodoah Valley. In 1864, while still in the Union Army, Zimron married Esther DesMore.

Later that same year, Zimron was captured and taken to the infamous Confederate prison at Andersonville, Georgia. After being imprisoned for some 5 months, Zimron was paroled and hospitalized in Maryland. He suffered from many post-Andersonville aliments including loss of his teeth.

In 1865, Zimron returned to active duty, only to be struck by a rifle shot. He survived the wound and received a medical discharge. Zimron returned to the Watertown area where he worked the balance of his life as a carpenter/joiner. He earned an excellent reputation at his craft and his services became in constant demand.

But a harsh destiny had more in store for Zimron. His wife Esther died in 1888 as an aftermath of delivering their eleventh child. In 1893, Zimron married Augusta Smyth, but once again destiny struck and his second wife died in 1914, after having borne him four children. Zimron married again in 1917, but succumbed to a fatal heart attack in 1918.

By Don Merriam, grandson of Zimron Merriam 
MERRIAM, Zimron Blodgett (I1145)
18102 Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery KLUTE, Herbert Walter (I88513)
18103 Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery BAILEY, Joy Mabel Faye (I88514)
18104 Zion Hill Cemetery ELCOCK, Anna (I76064)
18105 Zion Hill Cemetery RUSTEMEYER, Charles Phineas (I91987)
18106 Zion Lutheran Cemetery RAYMOND, Ralph Merriam (I5656)
18107 Zion Lutheran Cemetery KRICK, Virginia J (I84218)

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