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3401 US Navy base, Guantanamo Bay CHEW, Beatrice (I89895)
3402 US Navy Base, Guantanamo Bay CHEW, Mary Cady (I89896)
3403 Utica, New York is now found in Oneida County, which was founded in 1798. YOUMANS, Sarah Jane (I230)
3404 VA Hospital BELLIMER, Cleo Robert (I66925)
3405 VA Hospital THOMAS, Loren Arthur (I67648)
3406 VA Hospital FARRAR, Samuel Edward (I67650)
3407 VA Hospital CURTIS, John F (I67654)
3408 VA Hospital AYERS, Raymond Uriah (I67742)
3409 VA Hospital CHAMBERLIN, Everett George (I63740)
3410 VA Hospital MERRIAM, Charles Everett (I4292)
3411 VA Hospital, White River Jct., Vermont FISK, Sidney Harold (I61761)
3412 VA Medical Center DYKE, Ernest Raymond (I63643)
3413 Valedictorian of his class. MERRIAM, William Rush (I4454)
3414 Valerie was legally adopted by Francis L. Merriam MERRIAM, Valerie Mary Dwyer (I8766)
3415 Various records show her name spelled Murial and/or Muriel. ARNISON, Murial or Muriel Ward (I73888)
3416 Verification needed to see if NORWOOD was a part of ONTONABEE TOWNSHIP at time of death.

Asphodel-Norwood is a township in central-eastern Ontario, Canada, in Peterborough County. It is located on the Trent-Severn Waterway.

The township comprises the communities of Birdsalls, Birdsalls Station, Norwood and Westwood. The township was created in its current form on January 1, 1998 when the township of Asphodel and the village of Norwood were amalgamated.

(SOURCE: Wikipedia on Internet) 
CHAPLIN, Mary T (I3132)
3417 Vermont State Hospital MERCHANT, Ernest Joseph (I92562)
3418 Vermont State Hospital MAY, Albert Abraham (I92559)
3419 Vermont State Hospital HOUSE, Ella (I92831)
3420 Vermont State Hospital Farm Residence GREEN, Linda Ann (I61827)
3421 Vermont Veterans Home. WATERMAN, Samuel R (I92725)
3422 Vernon Jubilee Hospital MERIAM, Charles Meredith Jr (I7653)
3423 Victoria Hospital HUMPHRIES, Catherine Anne (I3576)
3424 Victoria Hospital MERRIAM, James Henry (I7443)
3425 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F5442
3426 VIMY MEMORIAL, Pas de Calais, France ENNIS, Victor C (I7938)
3427 visit? uncle W E Dumlop DUNLOP, Edna May (I8929)
3428 Walnut Creek Twp. became Waveland Twp. in 1873. SILLOWAY, Sarah M (I92228)
3429 Walter Freeman Sayward was principal of the George Cogswell School.

Pope Book, page 120 (143). 
SAYWARD, Walter Freeman (I11339)
3430 War of 1812. MERRIAM, Sylvester (I5355)
3431 Warkworth (St.Jerome's) Cemetery MERRIAM, Charles Anthony (I523)
3432 Was a dentist in Elmira, Ontario CANADA

Note by: Kit Cutting 
CARBERT, Austin Campbell (I2314)
3433 Was actually divorced as she remarried Alpheus Hendrick in 1931. HAYWARD, Cora (I92940)
3434 Was in Virginia until 1863 when West Virginia became a state. BALDWIN, Sarah (I72442)
3435 Was living in East Hampton, Connecticut on 2 Apr 1940. FOSTER, Pauline Ada (I92410)
3436 Was married to James Flynn from 11 Apr 1864 in England and Illinois until his death 3 Apr 1875 in Illinois. GOLDEN, Bridget (I7397)
3437 Was named Newfane, Vermont from July 1811 until Nov. 25, 1825. Then again after Jan. 20, 1882. Was named Fayetteville, Vermont from Nov. 25, 1825 until Jan. 20, 1882. JOHNSON, Edward H (I69659)
3438 We always called John Edson Merriam "Uncle Ed" - he was my grandmother, Caroline Pearl Merriam's, brother. --Gerald (Jerry) Boor - Web Technician MERRIAM, John Edson (I6738)
3439 West Roxbury is a town now dissolved and a part of Boston. MERRIAM, Benjamin (I5647)
3440 West Virginia was part of Virginia until it was granted statehood in 1863. JAMES, Amos V (I87663)
3441 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F777
3442 Wheeler Genealogy states her death date as 28 Dec 1777. The inscription on her headstone clearly shows her death date as 28 Dec 1767. HASTINGS, Lucy (I68124)
3443 When Mary Merriam died, she was the oldest resident but one in the city. MERRIAM, Mary (I5008)
3444 While no dates are given, Mary's name appears in the inscription on John HUBBARD's headstone located in the Hill Cemetery, Hatfield, Hampshire Co, Massachusetts, USA.

The inscription reads:
Born in England about
Died 1706
of Concord, Mass

MERRIAM, Mary (I6965)
3445 While officially divorced, they continued to live together. Family F6426
3446 While Pope recorded her name as Susan, MFT has not located any evidence to support that. However, several sources show her name as Eunice. Therefore MFT will use Eunice as her primary name and Susan as A.K.A. HOTCHKISS, Eunice (I11710)
3447 While Pope recorded the family name spelt with 2 Rs; most records show the family spelt their name with only one R.  MERIAM, Joseph Bidwell (I5691)
3448 Widow of Albert Hill
Married 2 Nov 1861 in Exeter, Penobscot Co., Maine 
GRAFFANE, Elizabeth D (I9685)
3449 Widow of William H. Lowell whom she married 19 Dec 1870 in Liberty, Waldo Co, Maine. NEAL, Sophia M (I6985)
3450 Widowed at time of death GILSON, Mary H (I61870)
3451 Wife and six children resided with him. MERRIAM, Edward Gray (I10263)
3452 Wife took over running of brewery in 1865. CLEGHORN, Margaret (I3345)
3453 Wife's death record shows she was a widow at the time of her death.
MERRIAM, William H (I5882)
3454 Wife's marital status in Jan 1920 is widowed. TOWER, Francis Emory (I83080)
3455 Wife's marital status recorded as widowed on 1910 US Census report. CONVERSE, Aden John (I9103)
3456 Wife's marital status recorded as widowed on 1930 US Census report MERRIAM, Harry (I9098)
3457 Wife's marital status recorded as widowed.  CHASE, Zemira (I83400)
3458 Wife's marital status shows she is widowed in 1880 US Census recorded 7 Jun 1880.
CANNON, Burdett (I12831)
3459 Wife's marital status shows she is widowed. MERRIAM, Francis Edward Wilder (I68874)
3460 Wife's marital status shows widowed HUBBARD, Oscar Adams (I80948)
3461 Will was dated 27 December 1785. MERRIAM, Amos (I5225)
3462 William Eldon used the spelling VanSant for his surname as did his children.  VAN ZANDT, William Eldon (I60618)
3463 William married a second wife and had several children. This wife is not named by the Pope book. MERRIAM, William (I5318)
3464 William Merriam resided in Winstead, Connecticut with his father-in-law, Charles Wright, until he moved with his father-in-law to Denmark, Lewis Co, New York. MERRIAM, William (I4869)
3465 William owned land there, 4 miles northwest from Cranbrook, 5 south from Marden Station on the Southeastern Railway, and 43 from London. Most of the town is situated on a fine ridge, 419 feet above sea-level, commanding a broad prospect. Has long been a prosperous farming town... MERRIAM, William (I4381)
3466 William resided in Meriden, then part of Wallingford. MERRIAM, William (I5251)
3467 William was born to Anson MERRIAM, however, he was later adopted by William MERRIAM. MERRIAM, William Royce (I13076)
3468 William^ (Joseph, William), born in England, prob-
ably at Tewdley, in the county of Kent, about 1624; came
as a boy to Concord, Mass., and entered into the life of the
new plantation. Joined the church, and was made a freeman
of the colony, May 2, 1649. He was one of the witnesses
to the will of Joseph How(e), 24 (2), 1651. The "goodman Mer-
riam," who owned a lot of land in Hampton, N. H., May 2,
1655, may be ? we may say must be ? this man; but there
is no evidence that he resided there. He had already set-
tled at Lynn, where he married first Elizabeth, daughter of
Allen Breed. Her father gave them, June 26, 1666, a good
portion, 200 acres of farm land, 20 acres of meadow, and
10 acres of salt marsh, all in Lynn, in the southern part, now
called by the ancient name Saugus. He married second,
Oct. 11, 1676, Anna Jones, who died July 29, 1677. He mar-
ried third, Sarah , who survived him.

He served as a trooper in King Philip's War, enrolled Feb.
29, 1675-6, in Capt. George Curwin's company, and re-
ceived 4-105. for his services.

He died in 1689; was buried 22 May, 1689.

More information is contained in the Pope book and a copy of the entire book should be available on the website as soon as we can get it done. --Jerry Boor, Web Technician/ 
MERRIAM, William (I6967)
3469 Winnifred Louisa Johnson was born in ENGLAND and emigrated to Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA in 1890. After marriage to Allen Merriam and having five children, she abandoned them about 1906 and was found in Seattle, Washington USA in 1919, married to a Wilson.

Note by: Kit Cutting 
JOHNSON, Winnifred Louisa (I2327)
3470 with husband in one grave NOYES, Mary (I11395)
3471 with Uncle Noah Guernsey. MERRIAM, Henry (I5503)
3472 Witness to wedding A J Milne Brother in Law of Groom Family F625
3473 Witnesses Alfred And Ida Montague, Minister Rev Edwin Holmes. Methodist Family F2700
3474 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I68088)
3475 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Private (I68090)
3476 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MERRIAM, David (I2321)
3477 Woodridge Nursing Home MERRIAM, Wesley Aiken (I60797)
3478 Woonsocket City Hospital BAILEY, Harry Lanning (I65196)
3479 Worcester Insane Hospital MERRIAM, Sarah Sophia (I12156)
3480 Working on farm with father. MERRIAM, Isaac Stone (I5615)
3481 World war 2 MERRIAM, Ralph (I15716)
3482 World War 2 MERRIAM, Karl Mccormick (I15717)
3483 Wounded at Petersburg, VA 18 Jun 1864. BROWN, Joshua Livingston (I11305)
3484 Wounded at the battle of Cold Harbor, VA 3 Jun 1864. ARMSTRONG, Francis (I82735)
3485 Wounded in chest and right arm during the Battle of The Wilderness; May 5, 1864 MERIAM, Edwin R (I61490)
3486 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F12672
3487 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F21608
3488 Zimron Blodgett Merriam

Zimron Merriam led anything but a tranquil life. Only a short while after his birth in Cobourg, Ontario in 1845, he and his mother moved to the Watertown, NY area as a consequence of his mother's strained relationship with his father, Johnson Merriam. Then, at the youthful age of 16, Zimron's mother died and he was left without parents, his father having died when Zimron was only 8. In the same year of his mother's death, his new country found itself embroiled in a Civil War and Zimron decided to enlist in the Army.

Zimron participated in many major Civil War battles including the battles at Cedar Mountain, Rappahannock River, Bull Run, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and the Battle of Shenanodoah Valley. In 1864, while still in the Union Army, Zimron married Esther DesMore.

Later that same year, Zimron was captured and taken to the infamous Confederate prison at Andersonville, Georgia. After being imprisoned for some 5 months, Zimron was paroled and hospitalized in Maryland. He suffered from many post-Andersonville aliments including loss of his teeth.

Here is a link to a YouTube video about the Andersonville Civil War Prison. Courtesy of Bill Curtis by way of Kit Cutting.

In 1865, Zimron returned to active duty, only to be struck by a rifle shot. He survived the wound and received a medical discharge. Zimron returned to the Watertown area where he worked the balance of his life as a carpenter/joiner. He earned an excellent reputation at his craft and his services became in constant demand.

But a harsh destiny had more in store for Zimron. His wife Esther died in 1888 as an aftermath of delivering their eleventh child. In 1893, Zimron married Augusta Smyth, but once again destiny struck and his second wife died in 1914, after having borne him four children. Zimron married again in 1917, but succumbed to a fatal heart attack in 1918.

By Don Merriam, grandson of Zimron Merriam 
MERRIAM, Zimron Blodgett (I1145)

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