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601 Cicero Cemetery ANDREWS, Almira
602 Cicero Cemetery ANDREWS, Bartholomew
603 North Becket Cemetery ANDREWS, Beatrice D
604 Grace Episcopal Cemetery ANDREWS, Bela
605 Cicero Center Cemetery ANDREWS, Caroline
606 North New Salem Cemetery ANDREWS, Edward Foster
607 Park Hill Cemetery ANDREWS, Edwin Oliver
608 Center Street Cemetery ANDREWS, Elizabeth
609 North New Salem Cemetery ANDREWS, Erasmus Darwin
610 Central Cemetery ANDREWS, George Warren
611 Still Born ANDREWS, Given Name ?
612 Stillborn ANDREWS, Given Name ? (Son of Raymond Ackley)
613 Waterside Cemetery ANDREWS, Grace Page
614 Birth recorded in Stockbridge, MA ANDREWS, Helen M
615 Saint Josephs Cemetery ANDREWS, Helen M
616 North New Salem Cemetery ANDREWS, Henry Warren
617 Saint Josephs Cemetery ANDREWS, Irene Blanch
618 Stockbridge Cemetery ANDREWS, Joseph
619 Pine Plain Cemetery ANDREWS, Lovina
620 Norway Center Cemetery ANDREWS, Lucelia A
621 Riverview Cemetery ANDREWS, Noah
622 North New Salem Cemetery ANDREWS, Oren
623 Central Cemetery ANDREWS, Orra
624 North Becket Cemetery ANDREWS, Ralph D
625 Holtshire Cemetery ANDREWS, Robert
626 North New Salem Cemetery ANDREWS, Robert
627 Pittsfield Cemetery ANDREWS, Robert Earl
628 Stockbridge Cemetery ANDREWS, Ruth E
629 North New Salem Cemetery ANDREWS, Seth
630 Ollie Cemetery ANDREWS, Solomon
631 Hopewell Presbyterian Church Cemetery ANDREWS, Thomas Bartholomew
632 North Syracuse Cemetery ANDREWS, Titus
633 Spring Grove Cemetery ANDREWS, Walter C
634 Evergreen Memorial Cemetery ANDRUS, Edwin B
635 Evergreen Cemetery ANDRUS, Marshall D
636 Old Church Cemetery ANDRUS, Obed
637 Sleepy Hollow Cemetery ANGIER, Mary E
638 Bridgewater Center Cemetery ANNABIL, Ebenezer
639 Bridgewater Center Cemetery ANNIBLE, Elizabeth
640 Madison Cemetery APPLEBEE, Elsie M
641 (Research):Please note: Further research is needed on this line because the Pope book does not go down to the line of Mr. William Sumner Appleton, it only makes reference to his being the grandchild of Mary Adams and Isaac Appleton (Pope book, page 57). APPLETON, Isaac
642 A grandchild of this couple, Mr. William Sumner Appleton, long one of the most eminent members of the N. E. Historical Genealogical Society, made investigations in England, which resulted in his discovering the will of William MERRIAM of Hadlow County, Kent, ENGLAND, the founder of the American line. He also wrought out and published the genealogy of the first four generations of the family with great care, and thus deserves a high place in regard of all Merriams.

Source: Merriam Genealogy in England and America, 1906 - Charles Henry Pope 
643 Named in William's will APSE, Alice
644 Saint Mary's Cemetery ARCHER, Margaret
645 Mount Auburn Cemetery ARCHIBALD, Alleyne Merriam
646 Mountain View Cemetery ARCHIBALD, Bruce Whitman
647 South Lead Cemetery ARCHIBALD, Joseph
648 Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery ARCHIBALD, William J
649 Pinecrest Cemetery  ARGUE, Lillian Lavina Jane
650 Tuscaloosa Memorial Park ARMSTRONG, Ellen
651 Chatham Civil War Memorial ARMSTRONG, Francis
652 Wounded at the battle of Cold Harbor, VA 3 Jun 1864. ARMSTRONG, Francis
653 Probable death date as Joseph does not appear in the 1850 US Census report. ARMSTRONG, Joseph
654 North Cemetery ARMSTRONG, Philena
655 St Mark's Episcopal Church Columbarium and Memorial ARNISON, Murial or Muriel Ward
656 Various records show her name spelled Murial and/or Muriel. ARNISON, Murial or Muriel Ward
657 Mount Hope Cemetery ARNOLD, Albert Edward
658 Hartley Cemetery ARNOLD, Albert Gray Sr
659 Hartley Cemetery ARNOLD, Albert Gray Jr
660 Oak Hill Cemetery ARNOLD, John Warren
661 Congregational Church Cemetery ARNOLD, Martha
662 Merril Cemetery ARNOLD, Martha Ann
663 See attached sources. ARNOLD, Martha Ann
664 NOTE: MFT believes Pope incorrectly recorded this name. ARNOLD, Mary Jane
665 NOTE: Records from the family of Edmund Arnold Merriam III plus US Census records suggest that Pope incorrectly recorded this person as being Jennie M Arnold. No records have been located to support this. ARNOLD, Mary Jane
666 Center Cemetery ARNOLD, Mary Jane
667 Keokuk National Cemetery ARNOLD, Mary Lulu
668 Hillside Memorial Park ARNOLD, Max W
669 Hebron Cemetery ARNOLD, Robert
670 North Royalton Cemetery ASHCRAFT, Tamesin
671 Pine Grove Cemetery ASHFORD, Mary Helen
672 Adams Rural Cemetery ASHLEY, Gratia
673 Adams Rural Cemetery ASHLEY, Gratia
674 Walpole Village Cemetery ASHLEY, Rhoda
675 Oak Grove Cemetery ASHTON, Caroline E
676 Harmony Grove Cemetery ASPINALL, Maurice E
677 Saint Patrick Cemetery ASPINWALL, Theresa
678 Highland Park Cemetery - (Section A) ASTLES, June Dorothy
679 Mountain View Cemetery ATHERSTONE, Helen
680 Calvary Catholic Cemetery and Mausoleum ATHERTON, James Arthur
681 Covert Cemetery ATKINSON, Anna Eliza
682 Saint Johns Episcopal Churchyard ATKINSON, Mary Turner
683 Lakeview Cemetery ATMORE, Harriet Madeline
684 Sylvan United Church Cemetery ATMORE, Melvon Roy
685 Sylvan United Cemetery ATMORE, Sylvester
686 Sylvan United Church Cemetery ATMORE, Vida Mural
687 From 1918-1919 he served as the Attorney General for the Southern District of New York. He also served as honorary consul and honorary consul general for Siam (Thailand) beginning in 1924. ATWATER, Charles Woodard Sr
688 East Plymouth Cemetery ATWATER, Eunice Merriam
689 Broad Street Cemetery ATWATER, Isaac
690 East Plymouth Cemetery ATWATER, Isaac
691 East Plymouth Cemetery ATWATER, James
692 Broad Street Cemetery ATWATER, Lemming
693 East Plymouth Cemetery ATWATER, Lucy
694 Broad Street Cemetery ATWATER, Mary
695 Broad Church Cemetery ATWATER, Mary Yale
696 Grace Episcopal Cemetery ATWATER, Olive Mary
697 East Plymouth Cemetery ATWATER, Ruth
698 Broad Street Cemetery ATWATER, Sarah
699 Eden Corners Cemetery ATWELL, Adaline
700 Eden Corners Cemetery ATWELL, David
701 Eden Corners Cemetery ATWELL, Etta M
702 Eden Corners Cemetery ATWELL, James
703 Lowell Cemetery ATWOOD, Evelyn
704 Saint Josephs Cemetery AUDET, Fedelise
705 Walnut Grove Cemetery AUGER, Julius
706 West Cemetery AUGER, Julius S
707 West Cemetery AUGUR, Edwin Julius
708 Deepdale Memorial Park AUNGER, Frederick Mason
709 Sunset Hills Memorial Park AUNGER, Frederick Knowlton
710 Fairview Cemetery AUNGER, Frederick Laskey
711 Maple Grove Cemetery AUNGER, George Renfrey
712 Hillcrest Cemetery AUNGER, Harry Wolesly
713 Hillcrest Cemetery AUNGER, John Laskey Sr
714 Maple Grove Cemetery AUNGER, John Laskey
715 Hillcrest Cemetery AUNGER, Kenneth Francis
716 Fairview Cemetery AUNGER, Leland Vernon
717 St John's Anglican Church Cemetery AUNGER, Viola Pearl
718 Maple Grove Cemetery AUNGER, William Richard
719 Maple Grove Cemetery AUNGER, William Robert George
720 Phoenix Rural Cemetery AURINGER, Eunice
721 Evergreen Cemetery AUSTIN, Byron John
722 Evergreen Cemetery AUSTIN, Carl L
723 Evergreen Cemetery AUSTIN, Claude R
724 Evergreen Cemetery AUSTIN, Eddie M
725 Grandview Cemetery AUSTIN, Gertrude Mae
726 Evergreen Cemetery AUSTIN, Given Name ?
727 Dallas - Forth Worth National Cemetery AUSTIN, Jerry James
728 Englewood Park Cemetery AUSTIN, Laura Bell
729 Granby Cemetery AUSTIN, Lucretia
730 Sheridan Municipal Cemetery AUSTIN, Lyle Denton
731 Mount Vernon Cemetery AUSTIN, Malcolm William
732 Broad Street Cemetery AUSTIN, Mary
733 Broad Street Cemetery AUSTIN, Sarah
734 Pine Grove Cemetery AUSTIN, Walter Harvey
735 Bellevue Memorial Park AWREY, Bruce B
736 Pomona Cemetery and Mausoleum AWREY, Thomas
737 Hope Cemetery AXTELL, Aaron
738 Nile Cemetery AXTELL, Aaron
739 Walnut Cemetery AXTELL, Aaron
740 East Koy Cemetery AXTELL, Abigail
741 Eldridge Axtell Cemetery AXTELL, Abigail
742 Nile Cemetery AXTELL, Abigail
743 Newton Union Cemetery AXTELL, Abigail Whitcomb
744 Old Oak Street Burial Ground AXTELL, Adeline
745 East Koy Cemetery AXTELL, Alexander
746 Grace Lawn Cemetery AXTELL, Alexander
747 Fairview Cemetery AXTELL, Alvo Jesse
748 Nile Cemetery AXTELL, Anna
749 Riverview Cemetery AXTELL, Betsey
750 Nile Cemetery AXTELL, Chauncey
751 Old Oak Street Burial Ground AXTELL, Chloe
752 Born in South Carolina or en route there. AXTELL, Daniel
753 Fox Cemetery AXTELL, Daniel
754 Fox Cemetery AXTELL, Daniel
755 Middletown Cemetery AXTELL, Daniel
756 Nile Cemetery AXTELL, Daniel
757 Norwich Bridge Cemetery AXTELL, Daniel
758 Prairieville Cemetery AXTELL, Daniel
759 West Street Cemetery AXTELL, Daniel Abner
760 Fairview Cemetery AXTELL, Dell
761 Fox Cemetery AXTELL, Ebenezer
762 East Koy Cemetery AXTELL, Eleanor
763 Oakland Cemetery AXTELL, Elizabeth
764 Nile Cemetery AXTELL, Elizabeth ? (Wife of Daniel)
765 Riverside Cemetery AXTELL, Elizabeth Emma
766 North Jay Cemetery AXTELL, Emeline
767 Barbourville Cemetery AXTELL, George
768 Forest Lawn Memorial Park AXTELL, Guy Lewis
769 Maple Hill Cemetery AXTELL, Hannah
770 Nile Cemetery AXTELL, Harvey

NOTE: There are large numbers of AXTELLS in North America who can trace their lineage to HANNAH MERRIAM and HENRY AXTELL. The Merriam Family Tree would welcome any members of the AXTELL family to contribute their family tree information to this site because they are also genuine MERRIAMS and belong in the Merriam Family Tree.

Note by: Jerry Boor - Web Technician, 
772 Hilltop Cemetery AXTELL, Henry
773 Killed by Indians during King Phillip's War. AXTELL, Henry
774 Mount Wadsworth Cemetery AXTELL, Henry
775 Stevens Cemetery AXTELL, Hiram
776 North Jay Cemetery AXTELL, Hosea
777 North Jay Cemetery AXTELL, Inez
778 Barbourville Cemetery AXTELL, John
779 Lamont Cemetery AXTELL, John
780 North Jay Cemetery AXTELL, John
781 North Jay Cemetery AXTELL, John
782 Old Oak Street Burial Ground AXTELL, John
783 Old Oak Street Burial Ground AXTELL, John
784 Birth date calculated from age at death AXTELL, John E
785 North Jay Cemetery AXTELL, John E
786 North Jay Cemetery AXTELL, John Emery
787 Fairview Cemetery AXTELL, John Wesley
788 Hambletville Cemetery AXTELL, Joseph
789 Middletown Cemetery AXTELL, Joseph
790 Middletown Cemetery AXTELL, Joseph
791 Mount Vernon Cemetery AXTELL, Joseph
792 Santa Barbara Cemetery AXTELL, Joseph Daniel
793 North Jay Cemetery AXTELL, Lucy
794 Nile Cemetery AXTELL, Luther
795 Prairieville Cemetery AXTELL, Mary
796 Barbourville Cemetery AXTELL, Moses
797 Eldridge Axtell Cemetery AXTELL, Moses
798 Old Oak Street Burial Ground AXTELL, Olive
799 Barbourville Cemetery AXTELL, Permelia
800 North Jay Cemetery AXTELL, Rebecca

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