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7801 Woodland Cemetery MERRIAM, Catherine Cecilia (I13628)
7802 Woodland Cemetery OSGOOD, Clara Maud (I78600)
7803 Woodland Cemetery MURRAY, Mary H (I78596)
7804 Woodland Cemetery PRESCOTT, Clarence Colmar (I78602)
7805 Woodland Cemetery OSGOOD, Mable L (I78599)
7806 Woodland Cemetery MERRIAM, Daniel Dodge (I5816)
7807 Woodland Cemetery SPENCER, Sarah W (I7086)
7808 Woodland Cemetery MERRIAM, Albert Spencer (I13970)
7809 Woodland Cemetery SMITH, Eliza Jennie (I13971)
7810 Woodland Cemetery MERRIAM, William Huffman (I5735)
7811 Woodland Cemetery MARCY, Frederick Vose (I88547)
7812 Woodland Cemetery - internment of ashes MERRIAM, Margaret ? (Wife Of Clarence) (I8073)
7813 Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum DAUGHERTY, Ulyssus Grant (I70013)
7814 Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum MERRIAM, Lydia Huffman (I14552)
7815 Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum MERRIAM, Elmer A (I70009)
7816 Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum GREEN, Maggie (I14551)
7817 Woodlands Cemetery MERRIAM, Isaac (I5607)
7818 Woodlands Cemetery MERRIAM, Sarah (I12357)
7819 Woodlands Cemetery RICE, Katherine J (I61525)
7820 Woodlands Cemetery ROBERTSON, James Woods (I61526)
7821 Woodlands Cemetery ROBERTSON, George (I61527)
7822 Woodlands Cemetery SCOTT, Isabel (I61528)
7823 Woodlands Cemetery RICE, Harvey (I12358)
7824 Woodlands Cemetery ROBERTSON, Nancy Woods (I77096)
7825 Woodlands Cemetery COULTER, Henry Gordon (I77101)
7826 Woodlands Cemetery COULTER, James Alexander (I77102)
7827 Woodlands Cemetery ALEXANDER, Jennette (I77103)
7828 Woodlands Cemetery COULTER, Margaret (I77104)
7829 Woodlands Cemetery COULTER, Blanche (I77107)
7830 Woodlands Cemetery COULTER, Harold R (I77110)
7831 Woodlands Cemetery COULTER, Donald H Sr (I77111)
7832 Woodlands Cemetery LANT, Thelma (I77116)
7833 Woodlands Cemetery COULTER, Forrest Vickers (I77118)
7834 Woodlands Cemetery LEWIS, Rhoda M (I77130)
7835 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Florence M (I4341)
7836 Woodlawn Cemetery CHENEY, Frank J (I4373)
7837 Woodlawn Cemetery ENNIS, Jay Bruce (I7939)
7838 Woodlawn Cemetery ENNIS, Arthur Laverne (I7943)
7839 Woodlawn Cemetery ENNIS, Wilber (I8105)
7840 Woodlawn Cemetery ENNIS, Lorne Merriam (I8136)
7841 Woodlawn Cemetery MITCHELL, Pearl Armanda (I8663)
7842 Woodlawn Cemetery ENNIS, Eleanor Jane ? (Wife Of Wilber) (I8666)
7843 Woodlawn Cemetery KNUFF, Eva Ferne (I8702)
7844 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Phebe Foster (I13959)
7845 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Robert Angus (I16181)
7846 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Arthur John (I16183)
7847 Woodlawn Cemetery DAVIDSON, Isabelle A (I16185)
7848 Woodlawn Cemetery MALLORY, John Carrington (I16192)
7849 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, George B (I16209)
7850 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Robert Angus (I50019)
7851 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Richard A (I50140)
7852 Woodlawn Cemetery BEACH, Harry Augustus Sr (I68498)
7853 Woodlawn Cemetery DRAKE, Katherine Seeley (I68501)
7854 Woodlawn Cemetery BEACH, Norman Drake (I68503)
7855 Woodlawn Cemetery BEACH, Laurin Drake (I68507)
7856 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Edward Tupper (I13965)
7857 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Charles Albert (I13966)
7858 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, George Douglass (I13961)
7859 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Cyrus (I5773)
7860 Woodlawn Cemetery TUPPER, Catherine Huldah (I13956)
7861 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Margaret (I69914)
7862 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Flora G (I74072)
7863 Woodlawn Cemetery GEE, Frederick Donald (I74085)
7864 Woodlawn Cemetery WHEELER, Erastus Daniel (I74529)
7865 Woodlawn Cemetery UPHAM, Elizabeth (I74530)
7866 Woodlawn Cemetery VOLINSKY, Cindy (I75376)
7867 Woodlawn Cemetery LEE, Richard Henry (I9425)
7868 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Amelia (I9422)
7869 Woodlawn Cemetery LEE, Walter Merriam (I75855)
7870 Woodlawn Cemetery WILSON, Mary Maude (I75859)
7871 Woodlawn Cemetery LEE, Lillian (I75856)
7872 Woodlawn Cemetery BARNES, Enos Willard (I75868)
7873 Woodlawn Cemetery BARNES, Virginia Lee (I75869)
7874 Woodlawn Cemetery BARNES, Enos Willard Jr (I75870)
7875 Woodlawn Cemetery PEGELOW, Mary (I75871)
7876 Woodlawn Cemetery JEWETT, Barbara T (I77877)
7877 Woodlawn Cemetery JEWETT, Charles Harvey (I77874)
7878 Woodlawn Cemetery MYERS, Eleanore (I77873)
7879 Woodlawn Cemetery VAN BOSKERCK, Anges (I77871)
7880 Woodlawn Cemetery GOSDA, Raymond C (I77879)
7881 Woodlawn Cemetery JEWETT, Jane Carroll (I77878)
7882 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Clark (I5643)
7883 Woodlawn Cemetery CLARK, Lorinda (I13887)
7884 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Farwell Wilder (I13888)
7885 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Martha (I78830)
7886 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Elizabeth (I78829)
7887 Woodlawn Cemetery DUVALL, Charles Stewart (I78831)
7888 Woodlawn Cemetery RANKIN, Edward Kingsbury (I78832)
7889 Woodlawn Cemetery RANKIN, Caroline L (I78833)
7890 Woodlawn Cemetery DUVALL, Sarah Merriam (I78834)
7891 Woodlawn Cemetery GUTHRIE, Fannie S (I13968)
7892 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Henry Howard (I13967)
7893 Woodlawn Cemetery MCMILLAN, Orah A (I4378)
7894 Woodlawn Cemetery CHENEY, Herve Merriam (I4377)
7895 Woodlawn Cemetery BEACH, David (I11883)
7896 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Maria (I11882)
7897 Woodlawn Cemetery FISH, Frank Prescott (I83021)
7898 Woodlawn Cemetery ROGERS, Isabella (I83023)
7899 Woodlawn Cemetery HELLER, Lillian E (I83955)
7900 Woodlawn Cemetery MCNAIER, Walter James (I60465)
7901 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Edith Dwight (I60461)
7902 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Amos Bird (I69915)
7903 Woodlawn Cemetery ABER, Mary Ellen (I69945)
7904 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Fletcher (I69946)
7905 Woodlawn Cemetery STRIKER, Mary L (I85610)
7906 Woodlawn Cemetery HENDERSON, Barbara (I50139)
7907 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Wallace James (I1373)
7908 Woodlawn Cemetery FLORY, Orpha (I1376)
7909 Woodlawn Cemetery HOLLIDAY, Florence M (I16232)
7910 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Hazel Belle (I85710)
7911 Woodlawn Cemetery MERIAM, John (I8378)
7912 Woodlawn Cemetery SUPERNAW, Lydia M (I8379)
7913 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, William Ernest (I502)
7914 Woodlawn Cemetery GROSSKOPF, Olga (I504)
7915 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Dorothy (I633)
7916 Woodlawn Cemetery CASTLE, Margaret (I86903)
7917 Woodlawn Cemetery STROMBECK, Cal J (I88314)
7918 Woodlawn Cemetery TILLSON, Cyrus M (I89605)
7919 Woodlawn Cemetery NORTON, Elizabeth (I89597)
7920 Woodlawn Cemetery TILLSON, Minnie Frances (I89608)
7921 Woodlawn Cemetery MCGREGORY, Harry Wesley (I89609)
7922 Woodlawn Cemetery SAFFORD, Robert (I91310)
7923 Woodlawn Cemetery PUTNAM, Jane (I91312)
7924 Woodlawn Cemetery TILLINGHAST, Lamoille (I61132)
7925 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Captain Walter Ratchford (I15195)
7926 Woodlawn Cemetery KERR, Eva Lavinia (I15196)
7927 Woodlawn Cemetery MERRIAM, Walter Kerr Hamilton (I15190)
7928 Woodlawn Cemetery COLLINS, Alma Cecilia (I15713)
7929 Woodlawn Cemetery BELKNAP, Frank L (I4476)
7930 Woodlawn Cemetery BELKNAP, Charles Bernard (I4478)
7931 Woodlawn Cemetery STEVENS, Ruth (I4480)
7932 Woodlawn Cemetery, section 8 lot 355, grave 2 MERRIAM, Jessie Belle (I16207)
7933 Woodlawn Memorial Gardens MERIAM, Percy Reginald (I7731)
7934 Woodlawn Memorial Gardens STEWART, Edna Maybel (I7732)
7935 Woodlawn Memorial Park MERRIAM, Robert Leslie (I1344)
7936 Woodmere Cemetery MERRIAM, Thelma Beatrice (I16205)
7937 Woodmere Cemetery HEYWOOD, George Henry (I88930)
7938 Woodmere Cemetery HEYWOOD, Leland (I88934)
7939 Woodside Cemetery and Arboretum PARSONS, Ellen (I10081)
7940 Woodstock Rural Cemetery MERRIAM, Ida (I15373)
7941 Woodville Cemetery STICKNEY, Paul (I87530)
7942 Woodville Cemetery BROWN, Abigail (I87129)
7943 Woonsocket City Hospital BAILEY, Harry Lanning (I65196)
7944 Worcester Insane Hospital MERRIAM, Sarah Sophia (I12156)
7945 Working on farm with father. MERRIAM, Isaac Stone (I5615)
7946 World war 2 MERRIAM, Ralph (I15716)
7947 World War 2 MERRIAM, Karl Mccormick (I15717)
7948 Wounded at Petersburg, VA 18 Jun 1864. BROWN, Joshua Livingston (I11305)
7949 Wounded at the battle of Cold Harbor, VA 3 Jun 1864. ARMSTRONG, Francis (I82735)
7950 Wounded in chest and right arm during the Battle of The Wilderness; May 5, 1864 MERIAM, Edwin R (I61490)
7951 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F12672
7952 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F21608
7953 Zimron Blodgett Merriam

Zimron Merriam led anything but a tranquil life. Only a short while after his birth in Cobourg, Ontario in 1845, he and his mother moved to the Watertown, NY area as a consequence of his mother's strained relationship with his father, Johnson Merriam. Then, at the youthful age of 16, Zimron's mother died and he was left without parents, his father having died when Zimron was only 8. In the same year of his mother's death, his new country found itself embroiled in a Civil War and Zimron decided to enlist in the Army.

Zimron participated in many major Civil War battles including the battles at Cedar Mountain, Rappahannock River, Bull Run, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and the Battle of Shenanodoah Valley. In 1864, while still in the Union Army, Zimron married Esther DesMore.

Later that same year, Zimron was captured and taken to the infamous Confederate prison at Andersonville, Georgia. After being imprisoned for some 5 months, Zimron was paroled and hospitalized in Maryland. He suffered from many post-Andersonville aliments including loss of his teeth.

In 1865, Zimron returned to active duty, only to be struck by a rifle shot. He survived the wound and received a medical discharge. Zimron returned to the Watertown area where he worked the balance of his life as a carpenter/joiner. He earned an excellent reputation at his craft and his services became in constant demand.

But a harsh destiny had more in store for Zimron. His wife Esther died in 1888 as an aftermath of delivering their eleventh child. In 1893, Zimron married Augusta Smyth, but once again destiny struck and his second wife died in 1914, after having borne him four children. Zimron married again in 1917, but succumbed to a fatal heart attack in 1918.

By Don Merriam, grandson of Zimron Merriam 
MERRIAM, Zimron Blodgett (I1145)
7954 Zion Lutheran Cemetery RAYMOND, Ralph Merriam (I5656)
7955 Zion Lutheran Cemetery KRICK, Virginia J (I84218)

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