How to Share Your Family History with Merriam Family Tree

1 - Family Submission Input Form

2 - GEDCOM File

3 - Your Own Typed or Handwritten Report

1. Family Submission Input Form: An easy-to-use input form has been developed where you simply fill in the blanks and the information you supply will be sent to us automatically. It requires no special learning skills - just type in your family members' names, dates of birth, who their parents are, etc. If you only have limited information, we will take what you give us - just make sure it is accurate. To be taken to the worksheet and submit your family information to us,CLICK HERE FOR FAMILY SUBMISSION WORKSHEET

2. A GEDCOM file is a computer-generated file which is created through a desktop genealogy program, such as Legacy Family Tree, Family Tree Maker, Roots Magic, The Master Genealogist, Reunion for the MacIntosh, etc. If you decide to send us a GEDCOM file, then you will need to email us at: (or click on the Contact Us icon on our home page) and we will provide further instructions.

If you do not have a desktop genealogy program already installed on your home computer, you may wish to download a completely free, introductory program from one of the following: Click on the title to take you to that program's official website:

Legacy Family Tree
Personal Ancestral File
Family Tree Builder

3. If you already have your family genealogy information compiled in either a typed or handwritten report, we will also accept that. If you contact us and tell us you have such a report, we will be able to discuss this with you and determine the best way to get your information added to the MFT website.

IMPORTANT - If you intend on entering your own data in a desktop genealogy program (or if you wish to become an associate to help us maintain this website), there are certain universally-accepted guidelines that we try to use in compiling our genealogy records. If you want to learn what these guidelines are,...just click here: